Oil and Gold Score New Highs

تم نشره في Thu 9 June / Jun 2016. 07:26 PM
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INTERNATIONAL — Oil scored new highs in Asian transactions for 2016 today, Thursday, opposed by the drop in American crude reserves by 3.23 million barrels last week, and the recession of the USD in foreign exchange value by 2.4 per cent, balanced out by increased demand in different parts of the world.

Also backed by deflated USD exchange values worldwide, gold gained 1.5 per cent in overseas markets, due also to growing unlikelihood of the central bank of America to increase interest rates any time soon.

Price per barrel of Brent and Texas crudes reached USD52.72 and USD51.56, respectively, while the price per ounce of gold in liquid transactions reached USD1,266.01 today, Thursday, before settling at USD1,262 per ounce on closure, scoring highest peak in three weeks.

Gold in accrued transaction gained 0.2 per cent, up to USD1,264.90 per ounce.

On another note, analysts warn the sudden sharp rise in prices lately seem exaggerated, and that the USD50-60 range per barrel of crude oil is a reasonable global price, given the circumstance.