Upcoming Changes in High Offices!

By: Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Fri 10 June / Jun 2016. 11:00 PM
  • Fahed Khitan

There was a time when changes would take place in bulk and bundles; sometimes all in a single day. A government would resign in the morning, Thursday, and by evening, the formation of a new government would be announced, followed by a list of resignations and appointments in high offices through the State departments and ministries.

While some are replaced, others can be recycled into the same offices and positions.

A tradition, aged and so deeply stilled, that it has become an unbreakable routine; countless times, these changes would coincide celebrations and holidays. Therefore, the question: is the reshuffle going to be before or after Eid?

Typically, Ramadan would be the mother of seasons for rumour. Even before the holy month commenced; social media and online news platforms were overwhelmed, before Dr Nsoor and Government resigned; with speculation on who is to be appointed or removed.

So, the reshuffle is in effect; Dr Hani Mulqi’s government took over Dr Nsoor’s, and the latter was, by Royal Decree, “Appointed” Senate.

All done and finished? Will we for once arrive at Eid without rumours on potential changes?

No, it does not seem so; the moment the government reformation is done, talks on changes in high office positions resurge. These changes are often described as Government Reformation Aftershock, and often carry more effect than that of changes in government and Parliament, put together.

The fate of Dr Nsoor’s government topped media ranks long, perhaps because of his charismatic persona, his extended stay atop the internal political scene, and his wide base of political adversaries and opponents, in addition to what was being said about the man’s clinging to his chair and seeking to remain for as long as he could.

Speculation, on changes after Nsoor departed, did endure. However, not with the same level of enthusiasm, as these changes are less important, and less desirable to politicians aspiring to return to the spotlight.

Still, the rumour machine spun. With all the debate on when replacements will take place, some say it won’t happen until the Representative Elections are done.

Many, apparently, are on hold for the Upper House reshuffle of Appointed Senates post the Elections, set for September 20th. While the Upper House has been shrunk to 65 seats, from its original 75; after the Lower House of Representatives has been downsized to 130, it still comprises an attractive enterprise for hundreds, no; thousands of contenders. Competition in this discourse takes a rather unique and “innovative” forms; like resumes sent to the Royal Court and former premiers mediating.

What is new about this —the new tradition; is that while back in the time of late King Hussein, may He rest in peace, this sort of thing was done with knock outs. “Pow” this government’s out, and “pow”; another one’s in. Nowadays, these arrangements are conducted in rounds, gradually; keeping everybody on the edge of their seats.