Mulqi’s First Meet: Statement of Intention

By: Jumana Ghunaimat

تم نشره في Sat 11 June / Jun 2016. 09:17 PM
  • Jumana Ghunaimat

The Prime Minister’s first press convention, last Sunday; was comforting. Especially since Premier Dr Hani Mulqi reassured in clear position on the freedom of press, and his welcoming objective criticism of the government, contrary to what was said about his angered response to direct critique of his ministerial formation.

Respecting freedom of the press, and certainly accepting constructive critique, would be a distinctive mark to the performance of the current government, particularly in the absence of the Lower (Representative) House of Parliament. While his statements are yet to be put to the test, the essence of Mulqi’s messages so far, is of good intention in these regard; which is necessarily good for us, the press that is, on one hand.

On the other hand, and the Premier should know this; he needs an objective evaluation of his government’s performance over the decisive duration of the next four months, determinant of his and his government’s future.

The issues on the government’s agenda are heavy, and no doubt discombobulating. The Prime Minister tried, during the meet, to uncover the intentions of his government in this regard, by announcing executive programmes underway, featuring clear specific targets for different sectors. He expects these plans to be referred to His Majesty’s attention soon.

Now, it would be unreasonable to demand of the government to provide solutions to all the problems; the issues at hand are complex, deep, and monumental, especially in the spheres of economics. However, setting us off on the right trail is what is demanded of the government; to create the general sensation that we’re going down the right path of reform and necessary achievement.

Details are less important, in spite of the excitement that comes with some of them. But the spirit of the Premier’s most sincere intentions to make a difference, as small as that may be, in some aspects of the situation at least; did have us rooting for him, optimistic, that some of this could be achieved, given his reputation for being a relentless hard worker.

Patience, however, and diligence, are paramount here. By the end of the Dr Mulqi’s statement, he stated that three committees have been formed to follow up on work undergoing, each presided by one of his deputies. And perhaps the performance of these committees would be the real test for Mulqi’s ability get things going.

Dr Mulqi’s movements after the convention, especially his following up on the incident of the five Baqaa Intelligence office martyrs, and his field activity in other places important to the people, indicate a positive discourse. The field is half the success, it’s said.

However way its put, there is no arguing the fact that the Premier’s team is lacking homogeneity, even sometimes contradictive. And this is not an easy predicament for any Prime Minister. Dr Mulqi has to realise this, in order to overcome the percussions of disparities and inconsistencies among his crew. Should he fail to proximate a convergence between members of the Cabinet, his work could end with even bigger failures, entailing countless, dangerous effects and percussions, should the current issues not be addressed with the proficiency of a consolidated team.

Given the tremendous challenges Jordan faces today, and the complex variables in play, we have only the option to support the current government, maybe they end up doing something; perhaps they could at least outline policies that would safeguard the people’s interests and gains, and avoid our Country further suffocating crises.

Two weeks have passed, since Dr Mulqi formed his government, and so far, he has conveyed several positive messages.; starting with the price decrease of 75 commodities sold at the Civil Service Consumer Corporation, all the way to his many field visits to several locations, last of which was Aqaba. Yet, beyond that; people need more than just good will and field trips; they need a horizon that allows for hopes of a better future on many levels. Can this government plant this hope? We’ll just have to wait and see.