Mulqi Visits Municipality… “JOD2b Annual Waste” — Baltaji Says

“Advanced Public Transportation in Amman is Paramount” — Mulqi

تم نشره في Wed 15 June / Jun 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Mulqi Visits Municipality - (Petra)

AMMAN — Prime Minister Dr Hani Mulqi visited the Amman Municipality Headquarters, Wednesday, and met with Mayor Aqel Baltaji and a number of Municipality officials, in the presence of the ministers of Transportation and Public works, as well as the Secretary General of Transportation, Head of the Public Transportation commission, Amman Municipality Secretary General, and Municipal Director of the City.

During the meeting, Premier Mulqi reviewed plans for the Rapid Bus project, and other plans to develop advanced public transportation in the Capital, stressing the importance of advanced connectivity with neighbouring and other governorates. Mulqi also praised the successful implementation of several traffic solutions around the Capital, and expressed his expectations to see such achievements all over congested areas in Amman, and that he expects the Amman-Zarqaa Rapid Bus lane to be successful and feasible.

On the other hand, Baltaji unveiled the Municipalities intentions to tender the purchase of 100 buses to increase the efficiency and proficiency of the public transportation network, underscoring an annual estimated waste at about JOD2 billion, due to the absence of a developed transport network.