Has the Page with Abbas Been Folded?

By: Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Sat 18 June / Jun 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Fahed Khitan

For the first time, the Palestinian President’s visit, Mahmoud Abbas, turns into an interesting event, worthy of coverage by Palestinian media. Typically, his visits to Jordan, given redundancy; were viewed as routine, to reaffirm the already affirmed special relationship between Jordan and Palestine.

There being history of accused deliberate incoordination, the disparity between Jordan and Palestinian leaderships was no secret; particularly when Palestinian delegates to the UN Security Council insisted on putting up the recognition of the Palestinian State to a vote, despite Jordan’s warning of the consequences known beforehand, all the way to Jordan holding Palestinian Authorities partially responsible for how the Jordanian initiative to install cameras around the campus of the holy mosque tuned out.

Jordan has a lot to say about various instances of misconduct by the Palestinian Authority towards Jordan.

Accordingly, this accumulation built up estrangement between the leaderships of both countries, which was evident from the severance of Abbas’ visits to Jordan, and the absence of summits between Jordan and Palestine. A transformation, nonetheless, was imminently bound to happen, given objective factors leaders on both sides cannot dismiss.

Jordan, particularly under the reign of its fourth monarchy; is no longer interested in manipulating Palestinian discourses for their own interests. Contrary to doubts in the past, His Majesty King Abdullah II, since his arrival as Monarch, has should undiscouraged dedication and support to the choices of the Palestinian people, no interests, benefits, of greeds; setting free of the heavy burdens of the past.

 He did not rival the Palestinian Authority over legitimacy, and has never even attempted to negotiate behind their back, or pressure them to accept any solutions they refused.

The Palestinian President received support by His majesty unlike any he received from an Arab State. And perhaps this is why Jordan’s reaction was tough, for what was considered as ungratefulness of the Palestinian’s behalf.

This latest visit shows that Jordan has decided to turn a new page in the relation with the Palestinian Authority, and restore the momentum of relations between Jordan and Palestine, in a time when the Palestinian cause is internationally ignored, as well as the sufferings of the Palestinian people and Israel’s brutal policies towards them.

Jordan is foremost the first harmed of marginalising the Palestinian cause. And while Jordan is convinced that peace negotiations are out of the question now, still; like a losing team, Jordan will persevere throughout every minute of the match to settle the score.

Restored relations with Abbas, discredit recently spread rumours about Jordan’s hidden support for Mohammad Dahlan to substitute Abbas, as well as the web of confederacy some say Jordan is weaving behind the back of Palestine’s elected, legitimate leadership.