Damascus Protests Against Rising Fuel Prices

تم نشره في Sun 19 June / Jun 2016. 12:00 AM
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DAMASCUS — Dozens of protesters gathered in Damascus on Sunday for a rare demonstration in front of Syria's parliament in protest against the 40 percent rise in fuel prices announced last week.

As lawmakers met inside the parliament building, protestors carried signs reading "No to corruption!" and "Parliament -- stand with the people, say no to raising prices!" "No to rising prices, people are starving”.

The demonstration appeared to be tolerated by Syria's authorities, with about a dozen riot police stationed near parliament allowing the protest to go ahead.

On Thursday Syria's government ordered the price of a litre of petrol increased from 160 to 225 Syrian pounds (about 90 US cents), according state news agency SANA, with similar increases for cooking gas and diesel.


Syrians on June 19, 2016 demonstrate in front of parliament in Damascas against fuel price increase - (photo by Str/AFP)