Deaths and Injuries in Terrorist Attack on North-Eastern Border Post

King Heads Emergency Meet, Jordan-Syria Border Declared Closed Military Zone

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  • An Expressive Drawing by Nasser Jafari - (Al Ghad)
  • The Dirt Barrier in the Rukban Area - (Photography: Mohammad Abu Ghoush - Al Ghad)
  • The Dirt Barrier in the Rukban Area - (Photography: Mohammad Abu Ghoush - Al Ghad)

AMMAN —Al Ghad— A car bomb attack on a military post in Rukban, at exactly 5:30AM, in the north eastern ends of the Jordan-Syria borders, killed 6 troops and injured 14 others, 9 of whom are with the Public Security Department (PSD), close to the dirt barrier adjacent to the Syrian Refugee camp on the other side.

The Location of the Attack - (Al Ghad)

The attack on the post, according to statements by a ranking military official,  designated to helping and aiding refugees, resulted in the death of 4 Border Guard Personnel, 1 Civil Defence Personnel, and 1 Public Security personnel.

A car, say informed military and official sources, had gone through the Rukban refugee camp gate, at the time a tower was being mortared, and then headed for an advanced refugee service post to execute the bombing.

After the attack, His Majesty King Abdullah II, Supreme Commander of the military, met with the military staff commanders of army departments and devices, as well as security and civil officials, at the General Command Directorate of the Jordanian Armed Forces — Arab Army, to review the details of the attack.

King Heads Emergency Meet - (From Source)

His Majesty was briefed by Chief of Military Staff, and Counsel to the King on Military Affairs, Lt Gen Mashaal Mohammad Zibn, in the presence of His Highness Prince Faisal bin Hussein, the Prime Minister, Chief of the Royal court, Deputy Premier and Minister of Exterior, His Majesty’s Counsel on National Security, the Director of Intelligence, on Tribal Affairs, and on National Policy, as well as the ministers of Interior and of State Media Affairs, in addition to the directors of the Public Security and gendarmerie.

During the meeting, His Majesty stressed that “Jordan will strike hard all and any who attempt to undermine its security or borders”, according to a communique issued via the Jordan News Agency “Petra”.

In light of the attack, a ranking military official with the Army stated to “Petra”, that Lt Gen Zibn, issued an order to militarise the north and north eastern border areas with Syria; that is to declare it a military zone, meaning that all and any vehicles and personnel within the zone will be considered hostile, and will be approached accordingly, without prior coordination.

Border Guards in the Rukban Area - (Photography: Mohammad Abu Ghoush - Al Ghad)