Military Funerals Carried Out Today for Rukban Martyrs

تم نشره في Tue 21 June / Jun 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Burial Ceremony, Lance Sergeant Abdel Raouf Mahmoud Asmar, Irbid - (Al Ghad)

RAMTHA —Al Ghad— Thousands participated in the burial ceremonies of the Rukban terrorist attack martyrs today, Tuesday, across the Kingdom, from Ramtha, where 2nd Class soldier Khader Mohammed Khader Haji was buried, trough Irbid, where Lance Sergeant Abdel Raouf Mahmoud Asmar was buried, all the way to Tafileh, where Policeman Odai Walid Asnean Khawaldeh was buried.

Corp’s Noor Eddin Mohammed Saleh Shehadeh and Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud Subaihi, and 1st Class soldier Bilal Omar Salim Al Zoubi, were also buried today, may they all rest in peace.

Military funerals marched fallen troops to their resting place in ceremony, as their families were granted the Jordanian flag in appreciation of their sacrifices, who in turn expressed their pride in their loved ones’ martyrdom and their support for the Hashemite leadership.

Ceremonies across the Kingdom were attended by ranking military, security, and civil officers and officials, including director of the Civil Defence department, the Governor or Irbid, among other high ranking personnel in different governorates.