More Dangerous than Poverty and Unemployment

By: Jumana Ghunaimat

تم نشره في Wed 29 June / Jun 2016. 10:39 PM
  • Jumana Ghunaimat

The night before the Rukban attack, Dr Hani Mulqi’s government ratified a decision to raise prices, fees, and taxes; the government announced a bundle of current and future procedures to meet the financial flow conditions placed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the new economic reform programme.

During the press conference on these decisions, presided by Deputy Premier Dr Jawad Anani, attended by a number of ministers, the Ministry of Finance was charged with announcing the declaration by which the government intends to get more money. Dr Anani read the bundle of decisions passed to the audience, as though he was reciting government achievements, surely to enhance people’s lives and increase their income, not appropriate even more of it.

Social media platforms ravelled about these decisions to the point that some began eulogising days of Dr Abdullah Nsoor's much described as a reinterring government!

However, the moment news broke about the Rukban operation, everybody stopped criticising the policies of the new government, and united before the crime.

People held their tongues on their economic suffering, and their unemployment. They even stopped demanding jobs or a decent life, all that; is just to reassure that terrorism is more dangerous.

Point is that Jordanians have a strong patriotic spirit. They never get their priorities mixed up. At least not the way their government does. This spirit has kept us safe.

This patriotic, sense of commonality, however, does not at all mean Jordanians are not domestically suffering

The backbone of these sufferings is economic, and ti culminating. The most dangerous social by product is class-dissatisfaction, as classes grow further apart.

Jordanians, more or less, cannot carry the weight of safeguarding Jordan’s security, every time, in the face of terrorism.

Solutions are a little too late; People are suffering a great deal. And still; they hold on to their love for their Country, most exceptionally.