Our Political Elite?!

By: Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Wed 29 June / Jun 2016. 10:40 PM
  • Fahed Khitan

Our political elite and statesmen are so myopic. They act as if the happening on our borders, all the dangers that surround us, are of no significance. Nothing there deserving of a bit of change to their agendas. More so, they lined up for a feast hosted by the ambassador of a brethren state that has soaked us in aid, in an embarrassing scene unfit of statesmanship.

While our statesmen and excellencies were breaking fast in the ambassador’s garden, His Majesty was breaking bread on the ground with our brave soldiers on the borders; the Country’s frontline defence against the Organisation most threatening to our security. Those of whom 7 had sacrificed their lives to safeguard ours just days ago.

And right before our officials had their desserts, the ISIS was airing threats to Jordan and its army, as well as leadership, and Istanbul was sinking in blood.

None of them thought of visiting our sons on the frontier; share Iftar with them, show them solidarity after a bloody attack that targeted them not long ago; tell them that the whole of Jordan is by their side, its people, state, and statesmen, in such dark days.

Some hundred American soldiers receive consecutive visits by congressmen and officials is the US Administration; they cross thousands of miles to express their gratitude to their soldiers. Ours? They don’t bother traveling an hour to the border of their own country. The Ambassador’s house is much nearer; just a few minutes away.

We are in a culminating war with terrorists; even if the state doesn’t official announce it. An open war, with no imminent end. They struck our northern borders, and on the Iraqi side of our borders, we took another hit. It is not unlikely that they should attempt more strikes; they have already struck domestically, and they’re promising more attacks to come

We just act normal. It is the political elite’s duty to show a new face and spirit, to act fitting of statesmen. It is a chance for them to close the gap between themselves and the people; a historic moment to redefine relations between components of the national fabric.

Terrorists broadcasted a dirty message yesterday, intended to crick the ranks of solidarity and manipulate the emotions of simple people. The practical response would be to convey a statement, to say, and loudly: your war is with all Jordanians.

I am amazed by this clinging to embassies, foreign or Arab, by our officials; Gulf ones in particular. They never miss an invitation to look small and humiliated. Some former prime ministers are almost oblivious to me, were it not for pictures of them at Gulf embassy parties.

This elite does not recognise the Country is in a state of war, is unable to face an open regional confrontation, exhibiting behaviours that are inappropriate to the sacrifices of our brave soldiers, steadfast on the edge of martyrdom; not even the youth guarding your houses and mansions!