Patriotism, not Fascism!

By: Mohammad Aburumman

تم نشره في Wed 29 June / Jun 2016. 10:40 PM
  • Mohammad Aburumman

It is only natural that we all —Jordanians— be infuriated and shocked by these recent attacks, especially the one near the Rukban refugee camp, on the north eastern borders. Typically, the sense patriotism will rise, and intensify in the public sphere.

Meanwhile, these feelings must not go beyond patriotism, by factor of grief and tizzy, to fanatic speech against our Syrian brethren, who for the most part fled to escape the woes of war there, nor against those in the Rukban camp, who mostly endure thirst and inhumane circumstances, and must not pay the price for an act exacted by an extremist Organisation passing through their miserable midst!

Most importantly, we should mix things up, take things out of context, and explode an internal social crisis driven by discrimination, classism, and social favouritism. Those anxious to safeguard our borders are our own; the honourable public servant or ministry employee is a respectable citizen, the honest minister is serving his Country, ours; and the successful economist and businessman is employee thousands of Jordanians and paying his taxes. The same goes for the successful craftsman. We are all honourable Jordanians doing our part; each from where they stand buildings our homeland and protects it from the clutches and woes —again— of regional turmoil!

However, despite noble emotion, and patriotic spirits, which spread among Jordanians and fortified our society through these painful events, some discourses have derailed, and have gone to excessively criticise hosting them, or striking through the domestic fabric and tearing a gap between classes, and sometimes going beyond to emphasising secondary sub-identities. Fact is, this form of speech may provide those out to get us the favour they need, in this exact critical and difficult moment!

Border Guards are the ones protecting our homeland. Were it not for their vigorous vigilance all hell would have broken loose. On the other hand, domestic peace and national solidarity in the contexts of openness and exemplary humanitarianism, are the basis or internal strength. Facing up to extremism and terrorism is comprised in backing the right model to facing concerning options and alternatives, between tyranny, oppression, confiscation of freedom, and forced migrations in dictatorship, to nihilistic sectarian fanatics and extremist factions that seek to crumble countries in whole.

Up until this particular moment, Jordan has weathered through such storms that splintered across Europe and the US, spreading across continents, and has been able to minimise their dangers, through the dedication of our Armed Forces, Intelligence, and security devices, to the lowest levels possible, which is an achievement in itself.

Yet, the major war today, is symbolic; one that requires that we safeguard our model and reinforce morale, insist on reformation, and refrain from relying on inducing fear and terror!

All above is evident, I say; but they are crucial to underline, especially after ISIS published the Rukban video, which may preface a dangerous escalation soon.

There is a difference between a rock rippling across the face of a still well, and one that is thrown into a river carrying steadfast forth, unaffected by rock and stone!