The Missing Equation!

By: Mohammad Aburumman

تم نشره في Thu 30 June / Jun 2016. 11:34 PM
  • Mohammad Aburumman

Youth is most influenced by ISIS’s ideology, particularly those in the 20’s, which is natural and expected. This is the age of energy and livelihood, as well as susceptibility to radicalism.

More so, it is particularly expected in the Arab World; with youth sieged in turmoil, and overwhelmed by complex multitude of inquiries that come with these crises, naturally, at an ever so thinning horizon and the absence of resolution. The have been denied the contexts they need to lead their radicalism out of the slope of terrorism, extremism, deviation, drugs, and crime, into the clear!

In countering extremism, dismissing this equation or process, will lead nowhere plausible; no matter how many conferences and forums are held, whether or not we have mosques monitored, leaving that particular fact —above— out of the equation is grave to the effort. The new generation is on a quest to find themselves, their radical dreams, or normal ones. And were they not given the opportunity, the space, to express themselves, through creative institutions that foster talent, and if officials do not understand the nature of this new generation’s radicalism, with nowhere to go, the youth is bound to find themselves in face of only so many extreme options; drugs, crime, and extremism.

Factor that into the combination of social and economic condition, mainly unemployment, social denial, the predicament of the “wait”, inferred in the literatures of the World Bank, political, sectarian, and regional turmoil, given unsolved pan-national issues; and you’re bound to face a generation candidate to seeping into movements like ISIS and ilk.

Before this worrying perception, there is yet an opposite one that deserves we ponder at it for the while to understand our youth, endlessly seeking positive paths to change and initiative, in spite of dead horizons; the look to identify themselves, and fuel themselves with the juice of knowledge, reading, scientific, academic, and athletic achievement. This proportion of our youth, on the other hand, is disregarded, and discarded by our media and political and midsts, as well as our institutions in charged with incubating their energies, every so failingly.

This talented, creative youth is the antidote to the ISIS model, should we rear them well and pave the way before them; shed light unto their experiences and character, for they are the only ones capable of walling off deviation, with an alternative.

Beyond this creative select youth, there is a vast segment of society burdened with the public concern, eager to induce social, political, or cultural change, whether politically organised party members, active components of the civil society, or even independent individuals.

I would rather not have mentioned names, but giving examples in the context of this article is instrumental to conveying the idea of it; perhaps even sticking to journalism, a few examples could indicate the qualitative leap we are talking about!

Lina Shannak, for example, a young Jordanian female, graduated the Bachelour’s programme from the University of Jordan (JU) in political science, and waltzed into the world of journalism; investigative journalism. Lina reports for a variety of sophisticated Jordanian and Arab websites, concerned mainly with the issues of the youth, social justice, and refugees. In the meantime she has been working as a professional translator for international institutions, and has also been committed to Yoga.

Hiba Abu Taha; a young investigative journalist, media graduate of the Yarmouk University, worked in several radio stations and websites, as an investigative reporter. Hiba conducted vital investigations on a variety of important social issues; she claimed prises, and is cooperation with international academic institutions in fields of investigation and research. She was reared into bounds with the Palestinian Cause, since 4th grade; she’s leftist pan-Arabist, but she employed her directions in advancing her career.

There are thousands of other examples on youths of the sort; radical, crazy youths —positively speaking— who explode in ourselves hope for the upcoming horizons, in spite all that surrounds us.