For The Martyrs…

By: Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Sat 2 July / Jul 2016. 11:01 PM
  • Fahed Khitan

Jordan was infuriated in the aftermath of the Rukban terrorist attack, which led to the martyrdom of 7 brave soldiers; no one dared demand of Jordanian officials to allow for the passage of humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees on the other side of the borders.

International organisations took into consideration the general mood of Jordanians, and were patient for days, tolerating Jordan’s decision to lock the borders down with Syria. Sonner than later, though, organisations began deliberating, quietly, with Jordanian officials, the necessity of reconsidering the decision, in light of the suffering endured by thousands of Syrians, and their need for drinking water, food, and medicine.

Director of the Doctors Beyond Borders’ operations held a press conference in Amman the day before last, and stated that the Organisation understands Jordan’s fears, and decisions, “but that should not interfere with the delivery of humanitarian aid to Syrians there”.

Human Rights Watch, as well, called on Jordan to allow for the passage of international humanitarian convoys to Syria. Behind closed doors, international organisations persistently praise Jordan’s role, hoping decision makers would reconsider.

Nonetheless, Jordan’s response to the Rukban attack is only natural, and is inevitable in such situations. The decision, should we take a second look at it, is comprised of two main articles; first, no more refugees, and second, the suspension of aid provisions through border crossings to refugees beyond the barrier.

There is no reason, for Jordan to go back on the decision regarding refugee access. But as the Director of Doctors Beyond Borders’ Operations said “Jordan cannot address the issue of refugees stock there on their own; many regional and foreign Countries have the capacity to host refugees”.

Jordan is overwhelmed with refugees, way too overwhelmed. And the international community is required to found a solution to the tragedy of refugees on our borders. In any way, Jordan has to stick to the lockdown policy. However, Jordan has to be flexible in regards to the second part of the decision. Jordan needs to allow for aid to get to the other side, to the tens of thousands of Syrians, without compromising the safety of our soldiers.

Terrorist knew, doing what they did, they would raise hell for refugees, and that Jordan will lockdown, and that it would look as though we are punishing the whole population of homeless Syrians. The point is shattering the image of the Jordanian Army, which has gained much respect, globally, for their humanitarian role in aiding Syrian refugees. But the terrorists thought beyond; that they would punish refugees who couldn’t get into Jordan, and push them into exacting vengeful acts against us, while we, being placed under international pressure, drain our stock of the reputation and goodwill we’ve come to harness over the past 5 years.

Officials need to reconsider, and develop an effective cooperative method in cooperation with international organisations, which would ensure the delivery of aid, without endangering Jordan’s security.

If not for them, then for our martyrs, who passed bravely to fulfil their duty, which was primarily humanitarian.