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  • »Where are the friends of Jordan?

    Tue 10 February / Feb 2015. 12:47 PM
    Jordan's anger flared after the death of the pilot Muath Kasasbeh and the Jordanians realized, rightly, that they are in a state of war; fighting it against extremism and terrorism, and in hope to devote centrist moderate Islam.
  • »Jordan: The nation that stood in defense of humanity

    Mon 9 February / Feb 2015. 02:51 PM
    News of the murder of Lt. Muath Kasasbeh shook the nation, and grim cloud of sadness occupied the streets; no sane human could believe their eyes after a shocking video of the brutal murder went viral. Only moments passed before links and screenshots of grief, sadness, and anger flooded the news feed of every social network.
  • »Certainly not an ally

    Sun 8 February / Feb 2015. 08:55 PM
    After only a few hours, we understood the significance behind the sudden decision by the security authorities to release of Salafi movement’s extremist theorist Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi. It turns out that the man turned in the last month to be a broker between Jordan and Islamic State, for the completion of the proposed swap deal at that time; terrorist Sajidah al-Rishawi with martyr pilot Muath Kasasbeh.
  • »A confrontation with an organization or a complex network?

    Sun 8 February / Feb 2015. 08:33 PM
    The State Security Court decided, last week, to amend the charge against the notable figure in the Muslim Brotherhood D r. Mohammed Baker from "undermining the regime" to "insult", and as he has been held for six months, it was considered that he served his penalty and was released.
  • »Where was the premier?

    Sun 8 February / Feb 2015. 11:22 AM
    During the last snowstorm, the premier, Dr. Abdullah Ensour, soldiered on television, reciting sermons and tips that reach the point of threats.
  • »A response that burns the hearts of terrorists

    Wed 4 February / Feb 2015. 09:27 PM
    Not only revenge. Yes, all Jordanians are angry, demanding a sufficient response; a response that burns the hearts of terrorists. The hero martyr Muath Kasasbeh deserves such a response and more. The family of the martyr that serves as an example for resilience and cohesion in the face of this barbaric act, is worthy of response to quench their thirst. The Jordanians who stood against the crime in pride and unity, and stood in a difficult moment united have the right to seek justice from the monsters. Muath’s comrades in the Arab army have the right to a response that shakes the strongholds of terrorists everywhere.
  • »Muath is a Jordanian Icon

    Wed 4 February / Feb 2015. 12:55 AM
    Muath, you faced the terrorists with a pride that is not new to Jordanians.
  • »Emergency Education Now

    Mon 2 February / Feb 2015. 08:08 PM
    In an ideal world, whenever children needed help, they would get it. When girls and boys were forced from their homes or classrooms because of war, natural disaster, or other crises, the international community would, within days, formulate a plan to ensure their immediate wellbeing. And such plans would include not only life-saving interventions, but also havens of psychological support and learning that protect opportunity and hope. Such places exist. They are called schools.
  • »Does the Islamic State dare to strike a deal?

    Sun 1 February / Feb 2015. 08:54 PM
    It is difficult for observers, and even those experts in extremists’ affairs, to always interpret the behaviors of extremists. This is what is currently happening with the terrorist organization the Islamic State (IS). In its second letter regarding the Jordanian pilot Muath Kassassbeh and the Japanese hostage, the organization threatened to kill the pilot if Jordan did not release criminal Sajidah al-Rishawi, and nothing in the letter referred to the fate of Japanese hostage. The next day, IS brutally killed the Japanese hostage and did not mention the Jordanian pilot.
  • »Jordan is larger than the crisis

    Sat 31 January / Jan 2015. 09:03 PM
    One can only understand how Jordan and the Jordanians are dealing with the crisis of their son, pilot Muath Kassassbeh, in the context of the moral, cultural and political legacy that governed all of the national policies of the modern Jordanian state since it was founded.
  • »Electricity: Of squander, theft and other stories

    Sat 31 January / Jan 2015. 08:35 PM
    To this day, detailed final figures that describe the rationale for the government to increase electricity prices were not announced. The numbers are still contrasted and thus confusing to those following this issue, which has become a parliamentary-government crisis that only calmed down because of the dramatic developments in the case of the pilot Muath Kassassbeh.
  • »It is not our fault

    Wed 28 January / Jan 2015. 07:53 PM
    How many times in our history did we face such difficult moments? More than one could count. In the nineties, we passed hundreds of difficult days thanks to our domestic unity and cohesion.
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