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  • »The King, the Government, and Parliament

    Wed 24 February / Feb 2016. 10:24 PM
    Only hours after the Election Bill was passed by the Lower House of parliament, political and media communities started contemplating and arguing the fates of parliament and government; expectancies of the prior’s disassembly, and the...
  • »More Bad than Good

    Wed 24 February / Feb 2016. 10:08 PM
    Whoever sees the interview Egyptian broadcaster Wael Al Abrachi conducted with the father of the four year old who was sentenced to life in prison for participating in “murdering protestors” in Fayom two years ago, realises the scale of...
  • »A New World Bank Approach Towards The Arab Region

    Tue 23 February / Feb 2016. 10:43 PM
    Several World Bank strategies for Jordan caught my attention, added their latest report published online explaining —attempting rather to explain, the dynamics that led to the irruption of the Arab revolutions, with some suggested resolutions....
  • »For Al Assad!

    Tue 23 February / Feb 2016. 10:34 PM
    Syrian Regime loyalists ignored the strike delivered to Syrian President Bashar Al Assad by Russia’s permanent delegate, Vitaly Churkin, when he described Al Assad’s statements as “incompatible with Moscow’s diplomatic...
  • »The Coupling of Security and Freedom

    Mon 22 February / Feb 2016. 10:44 PM
    There is no justification or convincing explanation to the prohibition of a demonstration organised by parties, activists, and attended by parliamentary representatives in front of parliament the day before yesterday in protest of the election bill...
  • »Reforming the Brotherhood: Is It Too Late?

    Sun 21 February / Feb 2016. 11:20 PM
    The release of Zaki Bin Irshaid, according to sources inside the Muslim Brotherhood, is a subtle indicator of the unanimous approval of the Brotherhood’s council on the latest internal structural reforms on one side, and the flexibility and...
  • »The New Voting Legislation... A Calculated Step Forward

    Sun 21 February / Feb 2016. 11:18 PM
    The heated parliamentary argument that took place yesterday over the new voting legislation, was not without meaning or worth; we are on the verge of passing a piece of legislation that will constitute a definitive change in the Country’s...
  • »How Do Jordanians Interpret Waste?

    Sat 20 February / Feb 2016. 06:55 PM
    A considerable part of public funds is wasted in various ways. Former Minister of Finance Dr. Umayya Touqan confirmed in one of his statements to the press that 15-20 per cent of public spending is wasted. And until this very day, the government has...
  • »“As You Are, You Shalt Be Governed”

    Thu 18 February / Feb 2016. 11:15 PM
    There are those who insist, among intellectuals and politicians, on the primacy of political change to reform of social, cultural, and belief structures of society, and that reforms atop begin reforms bellow; in the way Othman bin Affan puts it...
  • »Heikal’s Departure

    Thu 18 February / Feb 2016. 11:14 PM
    The great Mohamed Hassanein Heikal has gone. And I shall write from my own perspective how we witnessed the building of his legacy and how we followed his works for half a century.
    We were walking to Irbid High school early morning one day during...
  • »The War of Curriculums .. Highlights (1)

    Wed 17 February / Feb 2016. 11:04 PM
    The third issue, I had mentioned in my article yesterday (on the topic of the education and school curriculums), entails that the real dilemma of educational curriculums in Jordan lies in the weakness of critical, realistic and logical reasoning...
  • »The Israeli Gas Treaty.. Official Redicule

    Wed 17 February / Feb 2016. 11:04 PM
    There is nothing much to write about Mohamed Hassanein Heikal now that he has passed; no praise or disparagement, response or otherwise; for he has written and published it all in his long life.
    At one time, I would say; Heikal was more famous than...
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