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  • »"Our Love": Sisi and his film

    Tue 11 February / Feb 2014. 09:30 PM
    Hamdeen Sabahi, who came third in the latest Egyptian presidential elections, decided to un this time against “Our Love” Abdul Fattah Sisi, the “leader, hero, and savior” who has been turned by the Egyptian media machine into a legendary man, and turned him into a president of Egypt even before he has official run for the position, or quit his military post.
  • »Central Asia: From the Margins to the Center

    Tue 11 February / Feb 2014. 08:24 PM
    In his book, “Central Asia: In Search of a New Identity”, Igor P. Lipovsky says the new Yeltsinian administration in Moscow looked at Central Asia as an unwanted inheritance: Yeltsin was scared of being tied to the conservative, and corrupt, political leaders, the Russian democrats were pushing towards friendlier ties with the west and a fast economic transformation to capitalism, nobody had time for the states of Central Asia, as it was seen as backward and hinders progress and the integration with the west.
  • »Dear Obama, spare us the press-freedom lecturing

    Tue 11 February / Feb 2014. 05:06 AM
    Wearing his best straight face, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney lectured China on press freedom yesterday. In a redundant official statement, he accused Beijing of restricting “the ability of journalists to do their work” and “imped[ing] their ability to do their jobs.”
  • »They understand the economy but neglect the politics

    Mon 10 February / Feb 2014. 05:11 AM
    In a country with limited financial and natural resources like Jordan – that as a result rely heavily on the people’s pockets to fulfill its obligations – it is a given that the political equation is different than that of a country that is rich in natural resources.
  • »What is so shocking?!

    Mon 10 February / Feb 2014. 05:10 AM
    The decision by the University of Jordan’s Board of Trustees to hike the tuition fees for postgraduate studies, both for the international and parallel education programs, is dangerous and leading us in the wrong direction completely in dealing with the crisis of the Jordanian universities; it takes us a step further to deepening this crisis, not finding a true solution for it!
  • »What a Jordan!

    Mon 10 February / Feb 2014. 05:09 AM
    When you hear the speeches of the Jordanian politicians and read some of the articles in our media, you would think that Jordan is as strong as America and Russia combined, and that that its economy is comparable to the economy of China and Japan.
  • »An Israeli campaign in 45 days

    Mon 10 February / Feb 2014. 05:07 AM
    The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, called his cabinet last Sunday for meeting that includes a discussion on how to deal with the widening international boycott campaign against Israel. According to reports leaked from the secretive meeting, ideas, including a fierce public relations campaign, have been discussed. But it is clear that this is not the preferred option for the government, and that the focus is on activating the political pressure groups and legal channels.
  • »Forty four economic laws

    Mon 3 February / Feb 2014. 03:00 AM
    Forty four economic items of legislation are expected to be endorsed into permanent laws by the government within the next couple of months.
  • »Critical minerals and mining reform in the U.S. — Kemp

    Sun 2 February / Feb 2014. 03:00 AM
    Critical minerals like rare earths, lithium and tellurium are becoming ever more essential to the modern economy, yet production in the United States remains limited, leaving the country relying on imports from just a handful of countries led by China.
  • »Not your mortal enemy

    Thu 1 January / Jan 1970. 03:00 AM
    The biyearly report of the Department of Land and Property in Dubai showed that Jordanians are the number one Arab investors in the real estate sector in the emirate, in terms of value for the first half of 2014.
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