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  • »Cellphones may distract parents while children play at parks

    Tue 28 April / Apr 2015. 10:15 AM
    Cellphones are one of the most common distractions for caregivers to overcome while supervising children at playgrounds, new research finds.
    When caregivers were observed at playgrounds, cellphones were involved in about 30 percent of...
  • »Increased human protections offered as H5N2 outbreak spreads

    Tue 28 April / Apr 2015. 10:14 AM
    Hundreds of farm workers exposed to a highly pathogenic strain of bird flu have been offered antiviral medication as a preventative measure in recent days, U.S. public health officials said.
  • »Twitter complies with Turkey's request, ban lifted

    Tue 7 April / Apr 2015. 09:46 AM
    Twitter has complied with Turkey's request to remove photographs of a prosecutor held at gunpoint by far-left militants, an official said on Monday, and a ban on it ended hours after being imposed.
  • »Childhood ADHD linked to secondhand smoking

    Mon 6 April / Apr 2015. 12:14 PM
    Children exposed to tobacco smoke at home are up to three times more likely to have attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) as unexposed kids, according to a new study from Spain.
    The association was stronger for kids with one or more...
  • »Obese people may be more sensitive to food smells

    Mon 6 April / Apr 2015. 12:13 PM
    Obese people are better at detecting the scent of chocolate and find it more pleasant than non-obese people, according to a small UK study.
    Recent research suggests that smell plays a large role in people’s food intake, as the sense of smell...
  • »One in five teens have tried e-cigarettes, a British study finds

    Tue 31 March / Mar 2015. 08:45 AM
    One in five teenagers have experimented with e-cigarettes, a large study of British school students showed on Tuesday, fuelling debate about the widespread availability of the electronic devices.
  • »Pope, on Palm Sunday, pays tribute to 'today's martyrs'

    Mon 30 March / Mar 2015. 09:00 AM
    Pope Francis led the world's Roman Catholics in Palm Sunday celebrations by paying tribute to those killed for their faith, a reference to the victims of Islamic State militants.
  • »Digging deep, Belgian coalfield shows where Van Gogh emerged

    Mon 30 March / Mar 2015. 08:58 AM
    It is fitting tribute to the role the Belgian coalfield around Mons played in Van Gogh's emergence as an artist that the city has made a rare show of his early works a focus of its year as European Capital of Culture.
  • »Party like it's 3000 BC: Egyptian beer vessels unearthed in Tel Aviv

    Mon 30 March / Mar 2015. 08:57 AM
    Fragments of ancient beer-brewing basins unearthed in Tel Aviv indicate that Egyptians more than 5,000 years ago had settled farther north than previously known and were imbibing in what is now Israel's most hard-partying city.
    Israel's Antiquities...
  • »Scientists ask if Ebola immunizes one neighbour, kills the other

    Tue 27 January / Jan 2015. 07:44 PM
    A recent sharp drop in new Ebola infections in West Africa is prompting scientists to wonder whether the virus may be silently immunizing some people at the same time as brutally killing their neighbors.
  • »Workouts get smart, streamlined with tech-personalized routines

    Tue 27 January / Jan 2015. 07:43 PM
    When 55-year-old Connie Antoniou visits her fitness studio, the leg press knows her name.
  • »Uber says ride services reduce drunk driving

    Tue 27 January / Jan 2015. 07:42 PM
    Uber, a ride service facing legal challenges around the world, on Tuesday released a survey showing that people are less likely to drive home after drinking alcohol after such businesses started operating in their cities.
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