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  • »New Year’s resolutions may be more procrastination than motivation

    Mon 29 December / Dec 2014. 06:26 PM
    People seeking to get or stay fit in 2015 might do better to start today rather than rely on a New Year’s resolution to shape up tomorrow, fitness experts say.
  • »U.S. churches catching on to communion breads free of gluten

    Wed 24 December / Dec 2014. 07:05 PM
    Rachel Rieger figured getting diagnosed with celiac disease and having to rid gluten from her diet meant she could no longer partake of the wheat-based communion bread that represents a key facet of her Catholic faith.
  • »How Christmas Truce led to court martial

    Wed 24 December / Dec 2014. 07:01 PM
    "All the way down our lines ... Scots and Huns were fraternizing in the most genuine possible manner," Lieutenant Edward Hulse wrote to his mother after Christmas 1914. "If I had seen it on a cinematograph film I should have sworn that it was faked."
  • »Indie cinemas play leading role in Sony's 'Interview' comeback

    Wed 24 December / Dec 2014. 06:59 PM
    High-brow art house theaters and low-key college town cinemas became the unlikely stars of a Hollywood comeback by convincing the powerful Sony Pictures studio on Tuesday to let them screen "The Interview," the film shunned by the multiplexes and corporate chains.
  • »BioCryst's Ebola drug shows promise in animal study

    Tue 23 December / Dec 2014. 06:21 PM
    BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc said its experimental broad-spectrum antiviral drug showed promise against Ebola when tested in monkeys.
  • »Risk of dengue increases due to climate change, city growth: research

    Tue 23 December / Dec 2014. 06:20 PM
    Large parts of Europe, West and Central Africa, and South America face the threat of outbreaks of the deadly dengue virus due to climate change and urbanization, according to the first-ever maps of dengue vulnerability published on Tuesday.
  • »Apple pushes first ever automated security update to Mac users

    Tue 23 December / Dec 2014. 06:20 PM
    Apple Inc has pushed out its first-ever automated security update to Macintosh computers to help defend against newly identified bugs that security researchers have warned could enable hackers to gain remote control of machines.
  • »How coffee changed the lives of a group of women in Costa Rica

    Mon 22 December / Dec 2014. 06:06 PM
    Samanta Urena Arauz, an agribusiness management graduate, could have launched a city career but chose instead to join a women-run coffee cooperative in her remote Costa Rican village that has changed her life and that of her neighbors.
  • »Overseas tip led FBI to recover stolen art worth up to $24 million

    Mon 22 December / Dec 2014. 06:05 PM
    An overseas tip investigators received six years after one of the biggest art heists in Los Angeles led to the return of nine stolen paintings, including works by Marc Chagall and Diego Rivera, collectively worth as much as $24 million, police and FBI said on Friday.
  • »Pope says Vatican administration is sick with power and greed

    Mon 22 December / Dec 2014. 06:05 PM
    The Vatican's top administrators would have been expecting an exchange of pleasantries at their annual Christmas meeting with Pope Francis on Monday.
  • »Sony investigator says cyber attack 'unparalleled' crime

    Sun 7 December / Dec 2014. 06:20 PM
    LOS ANGELES/BOSTON (Reuters) - Forensics experts hired by Sony Corp to investigate the massive cyber attack at its Hollywood studio said the breach was unprecedented, well-planned and carried out by an "organized group," according to an email...
  • »A Trip to Jordan Should Start With a Homemade Meal

    Sun 30 November / Nov 2014. 09:42 AM
    In Amman, Chef Maria Haddad Hanania offers an education in traditional Jordanian cuisine—and culture—at her cooking school Beit Sitti.
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