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  • »Saudi MERS response hobbled by institutional failings

    Thu 12 June / Jun 2014. 05:12 PM
    When Saudi Arabia announced last week it had found 113 more cases of the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), it didn't just force a rethink of the threat the virus poses, it exposed institutional failings.
  • »WhatsApp co-founder sees challenges in U.S. and other markets

    Sun 8 June / Jun 2014. 04:02 PM
    Boosting the adoption of messaging service WhatsApp in the United States and some other markets is proving difficult, co-founder Brian Acton said, but the company will still create substantial revenue for prospective parent Facebook Inc.
  • »For Samsung heirs, little choice but to grin and bear likely $6 billion tax bill

    Sun 8 June / Jun 2014. 04:01 PM
    The heirs of ailing Samsung Group patriarch Lee Kun-hee face one of the biggest inheritance tax bills ever, and appear to have little option but to pay up.
  • »EU says firms like Google and Facebook must meet privacy rules

    Sun 8 June / Jun 2014. 04:01 PM
    Companies based outside the European Union must meet Europe's data protection rules, ministers agreed on Friday, although governments remain divided over how to enforce them on companies operating across the bloc.
  • »Apple smartwatches sales begin October: report

    Sun 8 June / Jun 2014. 04:00 PM
    Apple Inc is preparing to sell its first wearable device this October, aiming to produce 3 million to 5 million smartwatches a month in its initial run, the Nikkei reported on Friday, citing an unidentified parts supplier and sources familiar with the matter.
  • »'Biggest dinosaur ever' discovered

    Sun 18 May / May 2014. 05:54 PM
    Fossilised bones of a dinosaur believed to be the largest creature ever to walk the Earth have been unearthed in Argentina, palaeontologists say.
  • »Hookah use tied to cancer-causing compounds

    Sun 18 May / May 2014. 01:52 PM
    People may think hookah is a safe alternative to cigarettes, but a new study shows hookah users are still exposed to cancer-causing compounds.
  • »Silently among us: Scientists worry about milder cases of MERS

    Sun 18 May / May 2014. 01:51 PM
    Scientists leading the fight against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome say the next critical front will be understanding how the virus behaves in people with milder infections, who may be spreading the illness without being aware they have it.
  • »Inactivity is greatest heart risk factor for women over 30: study

    Sun 18 May / May 2014. 01:50 PM
    Heart disease is the single biggest killer of women and inactivity is the biggest contributor to heart disease for all but the youngest ones, according to Australian researchers.
  • »Apple strikes a new chord in the future of music

    Sun 18 May / May 2014. 01:49 PM
    More than a decade ago, the late Steve Jobs pulled one of his trademark reality distorting maneuvers, browbeating music label executives into selling songs on Apple Inc's then-nascent iTunes digital store for a mere 99 cents apiece.
  • »Turkish Director Ceylan: 'I deal with inner worlds'

    Sun 18 May / May 2014. 01:47 PM
    Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan says his film "Winter Sleep" dealing with the huge divide between rich and poor, the powerful and the powerless in modern day Turkey is not based on current events, but is meant to teach his country a lesson.
  • »China's young migrants like cities, spend more: survey

    Tue 13 May / May 2014. 10:00 AM
    China's young rural migrant workers are more eager to work in cities, and are spending more and saving less, an official survey showed on Monday, a trend that could boost Beijing's efforts to urbanize and re-balance the economy in the long term.
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