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  • »Turkish Director Ceylan: 'I deal with inner worlds'

    Sun 18 May / May 2014. 01:47 PM
    Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan says his film "Winter Sleep" dealing with the huge divide between rich and poor, the powerful and the powerless in modern day Turkey is not based on current events, but is meant to teach his country a lesson.
  • »China's young migrants like cities, spend more: survey

    Tue 13 May / May 2014. 10:00 AM
    China's young rural migrant workers are more eager to work in cities, and are spending more and saving less, an official survey showed on Monday, a trend that could boost Beijing's efforts to urbanize and re-balance the economy in the long term.
  • »Music apps for runners match song beats to step counts

    Tue 13 May / May 2014. 09:59 AM
    Runners who listen to music while exercising can turn to new apps that match the beats to their steps, which app makers claim can increase enjoyment of the sport.
  • »U.S. children read, but not well or often: report

    Mon 12 May / May 2014. 01:00 PM
    Although American children still spend part of their days reading, they are spending less time doing it for pleasure than decades ago, with significant gaps in proficiency, according to a report released on Monday.
  • »High-fiber diet linked to lower death risk after heart attack

    Wed 7 May / May 2014. 03:34 PM
    In a large U.S. study of men and women with a heart attack in their past, those who had upped their fiber intake the most afterwards had the lowest risk of death.
  • »Christie's NY has its best Impressionist, modern sale since 2010

    Wed 7 May / May 2014. 03:32 PM
    The spring art auctions got off to a solid start on Tuesday as Christie's sold $286 million worth of Impressionist and modern art, its best New York result in the category in four years.
  • »Megyn Kelly on Fox News and foe Jon Stewart

    Wed 7 May / May 2014. 03:30 PM
    A decade ago Megyn Kelly was practicing law and moonlighting as a local TV reporter before Fox News Channel came calling, starting a relationship that would take her career from newbie legal correspondent to the host of her own prime-time gig.
  • »Vatican urges sex abuse critics not to stay "fossilized in past"

    Wed 7 May / May 2014. 03:29 PM
    The Vatican told critics of its sexual abuse record on Tuesday that it had developed model child protection policies over the last decade and that its accusers should not stay "fossilized in the past" when attitudes were different.
  • »Youth diabetes is on the rise, study suggests

    Mon 5 May / May 2014. 06:40 PM
    Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes became increasingly common among kids and teens in the U.S. between 2001 and 2009, according to a new study.
  • »Researchers say Neanderthals were not our dimwitted inferiors

    Sat 3 May / May 2014. 04:18 PM
    No offense, but your ancestors probably were no brighter than a Neanderthal.
  • »U.S. jury orders Samsung to pay Apple $120 million

    Sat 3 May / May 2014. 04:17 PM
    A U.S. jury on Friday ordered Samsung Electronics Co Ltd to pay $119.6 million to Apple Inc, far less than Apple had sought and marking a big loss for the iPhone maker in the latest round of their globe-spanning mobile patent litigation.
  • »Courteney Cox finds dark humor in suicide in 'Just Before I Go'

    Sat 26 April / Apr 2014. 04:56 PM
    Movies such as "It's a Wonderful Life," have explored the subject of a life re-examined when contemplating suicide, but Courteney Cox takes a darkly comic approach to that life-or-death question in her feature film directorial debut.
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