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  • »Syrians in Lebanon: From refugees to cabbies

    Wed 26 February / Feb 2014. 02:25 PM
    Rifaat, a Syrian refugee, lives with his wife and daughter in a two-room apartment in Lebanese capital Beirut.
  • »Kenya inaugurates its first-ever amphitheater

    Sat 22 February / Feb 2014. 06:01 PM
    Kenya officially opened its first-ever amphitheater on Friday during the inauguration of the Machakos People's Park – a project officials hope will serve as a major source of foreign currency and generate thousands of job opportunities.
  • »Hollywood A-list front row for NYC fashion royalty

    Thu 13 February / Feb 2014. 06:05 PM
    Billionaire New York designer Michael Kors mixed California ease with urbane romance, unveiling a soft, laid-back collection for fall/winter 2014 in front of Hollywood stars.
  • »Thousands marry in 'Moonie' mass wedding

    Wed 12 February / Feb 2014. 05:39 PM
    Thousands of Unification Church members were married in a mass wedding in South Korea Wednesday -- only the second such event since the death of their "messiah" and controversial church founder Sun Myung Moon.
  • »Belgium set to allow euthanasia for children

    Wed 12 February / Feb 2014. 05:35 PM
    More than a decade after legalising euthanasia for adults, Belgium is set this week to extend mercy-killing to terminally-ill children after lengthy public debate over the ethical issues at stake.
  • »Danes defend zoo's killing of healthy giraffe

    Mon 10 February / Feb 2014. 05:23 PM
    Many Danes on Monday defended the killing of a healthy but inbred giraffe at Copenhagen's zoo that triggered outrage after it was chopped up and fed to lions in front of visitors.
  • »Victoria eyes US ambitions after NYC show

    Mon 10 February / Feb 2014. 05:23 PM
    The sky's the limit for Victoria Beckham, the Spice Girl turned acclaimed designer who has big dreams Stateside after unveiling her latest catwalk collection in New York on Sunday.
  • »Syrian dissident artist paints war's agony

    Mon 10 February / Feb 2014. 05:21 PM
    Syrian painter and dissident Youssef Abdelke offers a haunting vision of the war tearing his country apart, in which neither individuals nor symbols are spared from violence.
  • »London Mayor Boris backs smoking ban in carsLondon Mayor Boris backs smoking ban in cars

    Mon 10 February / Feb 2014. 05:20 PM
    London Mayor Boris Johnson on Monday urged MPs to vote in favour of outlawing smoking in cars carrying children in England ahead of a House of Commons vote.
  • »Japan sensor will let diaper say baby needs changing

    Mon 10 February / Feb 2014. 05:14 PM
    A disposable organic sensor that can be embedded in a diaper and wirelessly let a carer know it needs changing was unveiled by Japanese researchers on Monday.
  • »Sisterhood shown to be powerful incentive at women's gyms

    Tue 4 February / Feb 2014. 03:00 AM
    Women-only gyms, once seen as the exercise alternative for out of shape women of a certain age, are actively shedding that reputation, fitness experts say.
  • »'Silly' selfies craze will die out, says '60s snapper Bailey

    Tue 4 February / Feb 2014. 03:00 AM
    The craze for taking "selfies" will die out soon, said British photographer David Bailey, famously known for capturing the free spirit of the swinging '60s.
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