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  • »Killer Sentenced to Death Sentence in Nuzha Syrian Child Case

    Mon 16 October / Oct 2017. 11:00 PM
    AMMAN —AlGhad— The court sentenced the defendant in the case of the Syrian Child who was found raped and murdered in Nuzha, in the Jordanian capital, Amman.
    The court exonerated the defendant on the case of sexual assault, incorporating...
  • »Police Arrest 4 in Ramtha, over Stolen Cheques Worth JOD1.8m

    Mon 16 October / Oct 2017. 11:00 PM
    RAMTHA —AlGhad— The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) in Ramtha, north of Jordan, arrested four people with criminal priors for stealing a vault from a shop in the city, with JOD1.8 million worth in cheques stored inside.
  • »The Journey Begins…

    Sun 15 October / Oct 2017. 11:00 PM
    It was striking of hope, what the graduate teacher Mai Huweitat said on behalf of her colleagues at the teachers training diploma ceremony. She spoke about the change in the way she saw education.
    All of it in the span of just one year of the...
  • »Protecting the Citizens

    Sun 15 October / Oct 2017. 11:00 PM
    The indirect and subsequent mark-ups caused by the direct hikes in prices are far more consequential for citizens than the hikes themselves!
    Floating bread prices and cashing subsidies directly to eligible beneficiaries, in theory, could help...
  • »The Expats Reproach

    Sun 15 October / Oct 2017. 11:00 PM
    The case for expats drew a lot of traction in regards to how the state approaches the issue.
    There are voices calling for policymakers in Jordan to reconsider how they address the status of Jordanian expats, and find a way to make the most of their...
  • »King Visits Gendarmerie's Special Police Command

    Sun 15 October / Oct 2017. 11:00 PM
    AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces, on Monday visited the Special Police Operations Command affiliated with the Gendarmerie Department, where he was welcomed by General Directorate of...
  • »Jordanian CSOs Discuss Human Rights Reports in Geneva Today

    Sun 15 October / Oct 2017. 11:00 PM
    AMMAN —AlGhad— The United Nations’ International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights is convening in Geneva today, Monday, to meet with the representatives of national CSOs from Jordan, Congo, and Australia, to discuss their...
  • »Press, Activists Protest Electronic Crimes Amendments, Gov’t “Surprised”

    Sun 15 October / Oct 2017. 11:00 PM
    AMMAN —AlGhad— Journalists and members of the press, alongside a number of Jordanian activists, held a demonstration today, Monday, in protest against the recently amended Electronic Crimes Bill, saying it “reinforces restrains on...
  • »Unknown Gunmen Open Fire at Numerous Power Facilities in South Shouna

    Sun 15 October / Oct 2017. 11:00 PM
    SOUTH SHOUNA —AlGhad— A group of unknown gunmen opened fire at several power generators and facilities in the South Shouna district, damaging 15 generators, District Director Eng Mohammad Ryalat said in a press statement today, Monday....
  • »Trump’s Desperate Attempts to Contain Iran

    Sat 14 October / Oct 2017. 11:00 PM
    Most of the world doesn’t share Donal Trump’s enthusiasm towards his strategy on Iran.
    Some of the United States’ own allies, including members in the UN’s Security Council, have announced they are going to sticking by the...
  • »Royal Decree to Accept Resignation of IEC Member Ammari

    Sat 14 October / Oct 2017. 11:00 PM
    AMMAN — A Royal Decree was issued accepting the resignation of member of the Independent Elections Commission (IEC) Nazih Ammarin.
  • »Shots Fired in Fight in Northern Badia School

    Sat 14 October / Oct 2017. 11:00 PM
    MAFRAQ —AlGhad— A student was hospitalised last Thursday after a fight broke out at a public school east of the Northern Badia district, a source with the faculty confirmed.
    Gunshots were fired during the fight, the source confirmed....
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