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  • »“Border Control”: 300 Syrian Refugees Cross into Jordan

    Tue 10 May / May 2016. 11:00 PM
    AMMAN —Al Ghad— Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) Border control units received 300 Syrian refugees over the past 24 hours of different age spans and both genders, and they were provided the shelter and medical attention needed.
  • »Amman: Security Persuade 5 Youths from Jumping Off Building

    Tue 10 May / May 2016. 11:00 PM
    AMMAN —Al Ghad— Security personnel were able to persuade 5 youths from jumping off a building in the Dakhiliya area, in Amman, according to internal sources, stating to “Al Ghad” that preliminary investigations indicate the...
  • »Man in His 30’s Accidentally Shoots Himself

    Tue 10 May / May 2016. 11:00 PM
    ZARQA —Al Ghad— A man in his 30’s died due to having shot himself while playing with a gun Tuesday night, in Zarqa, according to his parents’ police statement.
    Security sources stated to “Al Ghad” that the youth...
  • »Kerak: 3 Arrested, Possession of Firearms and Illicit Substances

    Tue 10 May / May 2016. 11:00 PM
    Kerak — Security personnel, in collaboration with the Anti-Narcotics Department, conducted a house raid early morning today, Wednesday, in the city of Kerak, leading to the apprehension of 3 people in possession of illicit substances used to...
  • »Jordan’s “Ghannouchi”

    Tue 10 May / May 2016. 10:32 PM
    Jordanian Islamists have to review the leaping developments undergone by their brethren Islamist “Nahda” movement in Tunisia carefully, particularly the declaration by movement leader Rached Ghannouchi, inferring the movement has wholly...
  • »Decisive Months

    Tue 10 May / May 2016. 10:03 PM
    Moscow and Washington placed all their diplomatic and political weights in Syria, to sustain the truce in Aleppo, and on all axes of the conflict. And in prior coordination with the Russian foreign affairs, Washington stepped into the “Friends...
  • »Riots and Arson in North Jordan Valley, 12-Year Old Child Run Over

    Mon 9 May / May 2016. 11:00 PM
    JORDAN VALLEY—Al Ghad— Riots leading to the arson of several shops in the Masharea area, North Jordan Valley, set off today in protest, Tuesday, over the death of a 12 year child in a car accident.
    Security forces used tear gas to...
  • »Amman: 14 Arrested Gambling In a House, Heroin Confiscated

    Mon 9 May / May 2016. 11:00 PM
    AMMAN —Al Ghad— Criminal Investigations (CID) personnel raided a house in the centre of Amman today, Tuesday, leading to the arrest of 14 people gambling and in possession of Heroin, most of whom with criminal priors.
  • »Technocratic Government

    Mon 9 May / May 2016. 10:18 PM
    The call to form technocratic governments in Jordan is not novel. For years we have been hearing voices reciting promotion for this structure of governance.
    Recent political developments, however, have paved the way better now for the technocrat,...
  • »Our Corruption, Not So Discrete

    Mon 9 May / May 2016. 10:17 PM
    When Prime Minister Dr Abdullah Nsoor, not long ago, stated his government was corruption free; having not seen a single filed case of corruption over a relatively extensive period of time, it was granted.
    However, we did remind the Premiere, at...
  • »“Social Development”: “AfterCare” Blueprint Proposed Today

    Sun 8 May / May 2016. 11:00 PM
    AMMAN — The Ministry of Social Development issued today, Monday, the blueprints for AfterCare programme intended to provide social and psychiatric services to foster home graduates post the age of 18 through 21 or 24.
    The programme will not...
  • »Dangerous Fugitive Detained in Balqaa

    Sun 8 May / May 2016. 11:00 PM
    AMMAN — Al Ghad— The Department of Criminal Investigations (CID), assisted by the Anti-Narcotics (AND) and Balqaa police departments, raided the residence of a “very dangerous” fugitive in the Balqaa governorate, detained in...
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