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  • »Gov't says ambassador to Israel is still in Amman

    Sun 9 November / Nov 2014. 02:18 PM
    Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications Mohammad Al Momani on Saturday said that the Jordan ambassador to Israel is still in Amman for consultation.
  • »King: War on terrorism is Jordan's war

    Mon 3 November / Nov 2014. 12:00 AM
    His Majesty King Abdullah on Sunday said the source of Jordan’s resilience is the strong internal front it enjoys and the practices of active citizenship. "Accordingly, we reiterate here that dialogue and respect for law are the path to achieving the highest degree of consensus vis-à-vis our national causes."
  • »Ancient Stone Circles in Jordan Baffle Archaeologists

    Sun 2 November / Nov 2014. 07:26 PM
    Huge stone circles in the Middle East have been imaged from above, revealing details of structures that have been shrouded in mystery for decades.
  • »OPIC investments in Jordan reach $1 billion

    Sun 2 November / Nov 2014. 03:21 PM
    The Overseas Private Investment Corporation's (OPIC) President and CEO, Elizabeth Littlefield, has reiterated the importance of partnering with the private sector in Jordan to lay a strong foundation for future economic growth and turn Jordan into an important financial power in the Middle East.
  • »Amman Attorney General bars prosecuting Ghunaimat

    Wed 29 October / Oct 2014. 06:00 PM
    Amman Attorney General Judge Rami Tarawneh yesterday banned the prosecution of the al-Ghad Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Jumana Ghunaimat in the lawsuit filed against anonymous, based on Article 130/A of the criminal law, according to al-Ghad attorney Muhammad Qtaishat.
  • »Influential al-Qaeda scholar arrested for 'incitement'

    Wed 29 October / Oct 2014. 05:25 PM
    Security forces arrested influential al Qaeda spiritual guide Abu Mohammad al Maqdisi on Monday on suspicion of fomenting terrorism on the Internet, security sources said.
  • »Half a million narcotic pills seized –– PSD

    Sun 26 October / Oct 2014. 06:13 PM
    Anti-Narcotics Department personnel on Sunday seized three cartons packed with batteries in which were concealed narcotic pills meant to be smuggled into a neighbouring country, the Public Security Department (PSD) said in a statement.
  • »72 Syrian refugees cross into Kingdom over past 24 hours

    Sun 26 October / Oct 2014. 06:12 PM
    A total of 72 Syrian refugees, mainly children, women and elderly people crossed into the Kingdom yesterday, according to an official source at the Jordan Armed Forces.
  • »Jordan, Iraq discuss enhancing ties

    Sun 26 October / Oct 2014. 06:11 PM
    Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour and his Iraqi counterpart, Haider al-Abadi, on Sunday led officials from the two countries at a meeting to discuss ways of strengthening bilateral relations in various fields.
  • »Anonymous lawsuit against Ghunaimat

    Wed 22 October / Oct 2014. 03:34 PM
    Acting Editor in Chief of al-Ghad Newspaper colleague Jumana Ghunaimat appeared before the Amman Attorney General Judge Rami Tarawneh on Tuesday.
  • »Gov't cracks down on IS on Facebook and Twitter

    Tue 14 October / Oct 2014. 01:36 PM
    A young man dressed in brown prison garb entered the defendant’s cage in Jordan’s newly empowered state security court and listened politely as an intelligence officer he had never met began testifying against him.
  • »Over 200 graduate from a continuing education programme in Zaatari

    Thu 2 October / Oct 2014. 11:02 AM
    Over 200 girls and boys received certificates today for successfully completing a continuing education programme run by the Norwegian Refugee Council in Za’atari refugee camp.
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