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  • »Breaking Taboos

    Thu 24 March / Mar 2016. 08:48 PM
    A Jordanian employee at one of the hotels in Amman, tells me that a considerable number of students in Jordanian universities work with him at the hotel running different roles and errands; in the coffee shop, the kitchen, and in other divisions,...
  • »National Polio Vaccination Campaign to Launch Sunday

    Thu 24 March / Mar 2016. 12:00 AM
    AMMAN — The Ministry of Health is to launch a national polio vaccination campaign for children under 5 years old Sunday, in coordination with international health organisations and UN children, migration, and refugee commissions.
  • »What to Do?

    Wed 23 March / Mar 2016. 11:00 PM
    The closing figures of last year’s financial records place us before a terrifying fact; it is that we —unfortunately, are not going down the right path in regards to financial reformation. And evidence of that is our grown deficit,...
  • »ISIS Nearby?!

    Wed 23 March / Mar 2016. 09:47 PM
    Bloody confrontations between factions around Syria is nothing new, even to the southern regions of the country; in Daraa and its countryside all along the borderlines with Jordan. What is new and worrying however, and is documented in press...
  • »How Did They Pass Through Here?!

    Wed 23 March / Mar 2016. 08:34 PM
    Whoever reads the report prepared by European specialists last January and published by Europol, on the changes in the patterns of ISIS’ operations and associated cells around the world, including the anticipations entailed throughout the...
  • »105 Refugees Enter the Kingdom from Syria

    Wed 23 March / Mar 2016. 03:53 PM
    AMMAN — The Jordanian Armed Forces Border Guard received 105 Syrian refugees over the last 24 hours of different age distributions and both genders. They were provided with shelter, necessary provisions, as the Royal medical device and field...
  • »“Agriculture” Approves of the Construction of Teachers’ Park in Amman

    Wed 23 March / Mar 2016. 03:45 PM
    AMMAN — Ministry of Agriculture approved the Teachers Association’s request to construct a designated Teachers Park in Amman on a land area of 10,000 square meters, to be included in the National Forestation Project.
    According to the...
  • »His Majesty Tends the King Abdullah Award Ceremony for Excellence

    Wed 23 March / Mar 2016. 03:32 PM
    AMMAN —Al Ghad— His Majesty King Abdullah II sponsored today, Wednesday, the awarding ceremony of the King Abdullah Award for Excellence in the Cultural Palace in Amman.
  • »USD16.4 Million Additional Japanese Grant for Jordan

    Wed 23 March / Mar 2016. 12:00 AM
    AMMAN — The government signed a memo of understanding yesterday, Tuesday, with Japan for additional aid grants to Jordan outstanding the bilateral support agreements, at an amount of USD16.4 million.
    The extra aid is provided to reduce the...
  • »Experts: the Private Sector Can Positively Contribute in the Study and Treatment of ‘Autism’

    Tue 22 March / Mar 2016. 11:58 PM
    AMMAN — Given the current difficult economic conditions Jordanians of different classes endure; particularly those with limited income, and with the cumulating negative implications of growing unemployment and poverty on society, the real...
  • »Brussels: The Post Success Failure in Belgium

    Tue 22 March / Mar 2016. 10:38 PM
    Once again, terrorism strikes at the heart of Europe, and successfully infiltrates the most sensitive facilities in Brussels; home of the NATO Headquarters and Capital of the European Union.
    At the peak of readiness, just days after Salah Abdul...
  • »Our ‘Other’ Scandal, in Turkey!

    Tue 22 March / Mar 2016. 10:21 PM
    I received a phone call yesterday, after I published my article “Our Scandal in Sudan”, about what happened with Jordanian students who went to apply for the Sudanese and Libyan Tawjihi high school exams, and found their way into exam...
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