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  • »Further Drop in Temperatures Expected, Thursday

    Thu 19 May / May 2016. 12:42 AM
    AMMAN —Al Ghad— Temperatures are expected to continue decreasing today, Thursday, 3-5 degrees below seasonal averages for this time of the year, according to ArabiaWeather website, indicating mild to spring weathar with low clouds...
  • »“Water and Irrigation”: Contractor Interrupts Water Supply in Kerak

    Thu 19 May / May 2016. 12:10 AM
    AMMAN —Al Ghad— The Ministry of Water and Irrigation stated that the water supply interruption earlier today, Thursday, in Kerak, was caused by a contractor’s tractor breaking a courier pipe 400mm wide and the capacity of 600 cubic...
  • »Youth Hangs Himself in Hai Nazzal, Amman

    Thu 19 May / May 2016. 12:10 AM
    AMMAN —Al Ghad— A young man in his twenties committed suicide by hanging early morning today, Thursday, in the Hai Nazzal area, east Amman, according to a security source, who stated to “Al Ghad” that the youth was found hung...
  • »Egyptian Airplane Missing in Flight, No Jordanians on Board

    Thu 19 May / May 2016. 12:10 AM
    CAIRO/ATHENS — An Egypt Air plane went missing earlier today, Thursday, while in flight from Paris to Cairo, transporting 30 Egyptians and 15 French passengers, out of 66 in total according to Egypt Air, next to one British, a Belgian, 2...
  • »Border Guard: 500 Syrians Cross into Jordan

    Thu 19 May / May 2016. 12:10 AM
    AMMAN— Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) Border control units received 500 Syrian refugees over the past 24 hours of different age spans and both genders, and they were provided the shelter and medical attention needed.
  • »“Labour”: 1613 Job Opportunities in Gulf Provided

    Thu 19 May / May 2016. 12:10 AM
    AMMAN — The official speaker for the Ministry of Labour, Mohammad Khatib, stated yesterday, Wednesday, to the Jordan News Agency (Petra), that the Ministry had delegated labour specialists earlier to Jordanian Embassies in several Arab...
  • »Candidates on Fire!

    Thu 19 May / May 2016. 12:00 AM
    The Country is overly in the mood for elections. All the political parties in Jordan, save for the Islamic Action Front, have declared participation. And according to the estimates of the Country’s Minister for Parliamentary and Political...
  • »“Border Control” Foils 2 Attempts to Smuggle 722Kgs of Narcotics

    Thu 19 May / May 2016. 12:00 AM
    AMMAN — An official military source with Jordan Armed Forces (JAF)—Arab Army Command, stated that Border Guard patrols foiled two attempts to smuggle large amounts of narcotics into Jordan via car and motorcycle early this morning,...
  • »Why The Difficult Years?

    Thu 19 May / May 2016. 12:00 AM
    The channels and means possible, through which our economy can be expedited from its current crisis, need time for their results to crystallise. This means that the Kingdom, until expected results come through, is to endure course years to come,...
  • »The Battle for Ratba… Cautious Optimism

    Tue 17 May / May 2016. 11:39 PM
    Jordan holds breath for the battle in Ratba against “Daesh” (ISIS/IL), and is showing full readiness to provide all that is needed to conclude the task as soon as possible.
    Cleansing Ratba from terrorists is key to securing the Tarbil...
  • »Not A Revolution!

    Tue 17 May / May 2016. 11:38 PM
    Over the past few days, hundreds have been injured among Syrian armed factions in the Damascus Schwing (Ghouta), due to intensified confrontation between the Nusra front on one side (“Jaish al Rahman” and the “Fastat”...
  • »Their Majesties The King and Queen Travel to Belgium

    Tue 17 May / May 2016. 06:53 PM
    AMMAN — His Majesty, King Abdullah II, accompanied by Her Majesty, Queen Rania Abdullah, left the Kingdom today, Tuesday, heading to Belgium, at the official invitation of King Philip, of Belgium, and Queen Matilda, to hold deliberations with...
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