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  • »Ministry, UNESCO Strategic Plan to Develop Education System

    Wed 14 March / Mar 2018. 12:00 AM
    AMMAN —AlGhad— The Ministry of Education and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced the launch of a joint strategic plan for the development of the education system in Jordan yesterday,...
  • »Officials and the Media

    Tue 13 March / Mar 2018. 12:00 AM
    One of the most fatal mistakes officials make, particularly ministers and high ranking officers, is to dismiss the importance of media messages and communication with the people.
    Officials have to explain government policies to the people,...
  • »Facts We Must Face: An Economic Reality We Cannot Escape

    Tue 13 March / Mar 2018. 12:00 AM
    The government has made a bundle of decisions that are supposed to encourage foreign expats in Jordan to invest here, including residents with temporary passports and identifications. Also, the decisions tackle revitalising inbound medical tourism...
  • »Trump Sacks Tillerson as Secretary of State, Appoints Pompeo

    Tue 13 March / Mar 2018. 12:00 AM
    US President Donald Trump has sacked Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, replacing him with the director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo.
    Thanking Mr Tillerson for his service on Twitter, Mr Trump said the new state secretary would do "a fantastic job".
  • »King Abdullah Receives UAE Foreign Minister

    Tue 13 March / Mar 2018. 12:00 AM
    CAPITALS — His Majesty King Abdullah II on Tuesday received Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Nahyan, and discussed with him bilateral ties and the latest developments in the...
  • »Authorities Arrest 10 Fugitives, Drugs, Arms Confiscated

    Tue 13 March / Mar 2018. 12:00 AM
    AMMAN —AlGhad— The Anti-Narcotics Department (AND) carried out several raids south of Amman today, Tuesday, and arrested 10 individuals, found in possession of drugs and firearms, a police source confirmed.
    Quantities of drugs and...
  • »‘Yarmouk’ Suspends 5 Employees on Corruption Suspicions, Referred to Anti-Graft Commission

    Tue 13 March / Mar 2018. 12:00 AM
    IRBID —AlGhad— The Yarmouk University in Irbid suspended five of its employees today, Tuesday, until further notice, and referred them to the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission for suspected corruption charges.
    According to an...
  • »NCHR Calls Out ‘Unconstitutional’ Protests, Highlights Police, Officials Violations of Human Rights

    Tue 13 March / Mar 2018. 12:00 AM
    AMMAN —AlGhad— The National Centre for Human Rights (NCHR) issued its report today, Tuesday, on the recent protests and the authorities’ methods of dealing with them, highlighting violations by the police and officials, as well as...
  • »A New Parliament and ‘Salvation’ Government

    Mon 12 March / Mar 2018. 12:00 AM
    Without a clear separation between reality and slogans, the movement in the street is meaningless. Any valuable aspiration for change must base on realistic assessments of the limitations and capacities for reform.
    Otherwise, it’s pointless....
  • »Reintroducing Programmatic Agendas: MPs Take Initiative

    Mon 12 March / Mar 2018. 12:00 AM
    The relaunch of the Parliamentary Initiative only reaffirms that the idea is still alive and that it is applicable, so long as it is based on principles and programmatic proposals, something we are missing a lot in times of late.
    The absence of...
  • »Healthy Living: 8 Ways to Support Someone Dealing with A Health Crisis

    Mon 12 March / Mar 2018. 12:00 AM
    When someone you love falls ill, gets in an accident or receives a scary health diagnosis, it’s never easy. In fact, it may be the hardest thing you’ll ever have to face. Unfortunately, it’s also inevitable that we’ll all...
  • »Authorities Arrest Drug Dealers, Quantities of Narcotics and Cocaine Confiscated

    Mon 12 March / Mar 2018. 12:00 AM
    AMMAN —AlGhad— The Anti-Narcotics Department (AND) arrested two drug dealers over the last few days, and confiscated quantities of cocaine, Hashish and narcotic pills from two separate raids, a police source confirmed to AlGhad.
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