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  • »JOD10 Million in Electronic Payments through E-Fawateercom

    Sun 21 February / Feb 2016. 06:22 PM
    AMMAN—Al Ghad—Total payments made through e-payment platform e-Fawateercom amount on January 2016 roughly JOD10 million, as opposed to JOD382 thousand in total for January 2015.
    The total count of payments made through the electronic...
  • »Profits of 15 Companies Amount to JOD10.5 Million

    Sun 21 February / Feb 2016. 06:22 PM
    AMMAN— Thirty three real-estate companies disclosed their financial performance results for the year 2015 at the Amman Stock Exchange, out of which 18 companies had compiled their total losses at JOD42.55 million, citing a 12 per cent increase...
  • »Land Shipping Costs to Iraq Increase 4 Folds

    Sun 21 February / Feb 2016. 06:22 PM
    AMMAN— President of the Jordan Free Zones Investors Commission Nabil Rumman stated that land shipping costs to Iraq increased 4 folds since the Karameh Border crossing —the only one between Jordan and Iraq, was closed almost 7 months...
  • »Al Razzaz: Jordan Needs to Achieve 8-9% GDP Growth Rates to Face Current Challenges

    Sun 21 February / Feb 2016. 06:20 PM
    AMMAN—The Jordan Strategy Forum hosted a discussion regarding the economic challenges that face the Kingdom and the prospects of pursuing opportunities that arise internationally to secure funding and support efforts economic efforts.
  • »Oil Shale Electricity Project Construction to Commence June 2016

    Sun 21 February / Feb 2016. 06:13 PM
    AMMAN—Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Dr. Ibrahim Saif stated that the construction of the oil shale electricity generation project shall commence in June 2016.
    The Estonian company “Enefit” has concluded the necessary...
  • »Ecotourism in Jordan Declines to 35% Last Year

    Sat 20 February / Feb 2016. 04:50 PM
    AMMAN—Ecotourism in Jordan “took a sharp dive in numbers —local and foreign, given the high costs and prices of accommodations and touristic facilities, in addition to recent political events in surrounding area”. The total...
  • »Minister of Industry and Trade Discuss with Chinese Ambassador Economic Collaboration

    Sat 20 February / Feb 2016. 04:50 PM
    AMMAN—Jordan Ministry of Industry and Trade Maha Ali met with Chinese Ambassador to discuss means to strengthen economic cooperation between Jordan and China, particularly in light of recommendations of His Majesty the King’s visit to...
  • »Tunisia: The Kingdom’s Gateway to Europe and Africa Market

    Sat 20 February / Feb 2016. 04:50 PM
    TUNISIA—Jordan’s economic envoy to Tunisia —headed by chief of Amman Chamber of Commerce, has conducted several meetings with Tunisian representatives and officials from both private and public sector entities discussing possible...
  • »Environmental Changes and Regional Conflicts Challenge Jordan’s Water Security

    Sat 20 February / Feb 2016. 04:47 PM
    AMMAN— According to the National Water Strategy for years 2015-2025, changes in the environment entail pressures on the Kingdom’s water security, next to the Country’s already low water supplies also being strained by increased...
  • »Gas Stations to Possibly Employ Female Workers

    Thu 18 February / Feb 2016. 07:42 PM
    AMMAN— Petroleum and gas marketing companies intend to allow females to be employed at affiliated gas stations with considerable pays and privileges.
    Director General Eng. Khaled Zu'bi of Jordan Petroleum Products Marketing Company (Jo...
  • »6 Million Euro Agreement Signed to Fund Irrigation Projects in Northern Jordan Valley Areas

    Thu 18 February / Feb 2016. 07:42 PM
    AMMAN—Al Ghad— Minister of Water and Irrigation, Dr. Hazim El-Nasser, signed an agreement last Wednesday 17th of February, with German government-owned KfW Development Bank to fund and execute irrigation enhancement projects north of the...
  • »Everest Hotel and Spa Closed By Municipal officials

    Wed 17 February / Feb 2016. 05:32 PM
    AMMAN — Municipal officials sealed down Evert Hotel and Spa on the outskirts of Amman with reservations on cited violations regarding expired foods and humanely inconsumable products, as well as for operating without the necessary permits....
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