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  • »Court bans Mubarak-era leaders from elections

    Wed 7 May / May 2014. 04:14 PM
    An Egyptian court on Tuesday banned the leaders of autocratic ex-president Hosni Mubarak's party from running in any coming elections but did not list any names, drawing complaints about a lack of clarity that could blunt the move's impact.
  • »Russia expects progress in Iran nuclear talks next week

    Wed 7 May / May 2014. 04:13 PM
    Iran and six world powers could agree parts of a text of an agreement on Tehran's nuclear programme when they meet for a new round of negotiations in Vienna next week, Russia's chief negotiator said in comments published on Tuesday.
  • »Thai premier forced out

    Wed 7 May / May 2014. 04:11 PM
    A Thai court ordered Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to step down on Wednesday after finding her guilty of abusing her power, prolonging a political crisis that has led to violent protests and brought the economy close to recession.
  • »Thousands flee Syria rebel infighting

    Mon 5 May / May 2014. 07:38 PM
    Fighting between al Qaeda's Syria branch and a splinter group in eastern Syria has forced more than 60,000 people to flee their homes, emptied villages and killed scores of fighters, a monitoring group said.
  • »Nigeria militants threaten to sell abducted schoolgirls

    Mon 5 May / May 2014. 07:36 PM
    The Islamist militant group Boko Haram claimed responsibility on Monday for the abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls in northeast Nigeria last month and threatened to "sell them on the market," the French news agency AFP reported, citing a video.
  • »U.S. top court endorses prayers before town meetings

    Mon 5 May / May 2014. 07:35 PM
    The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday upheld the right of government entities across the United States to allow sectarian prayers prior to public meetings.
  • »Mob rules in eastern Ukraine

    Mon 5 May / May 2014. 07:34 PM
    His mistake was to run from the advancing mob, and that was enough for the men and women carrying clubs, knives and swords through Donetsk's Lenin district.
  • »In Iraq and Syria, a resurgence of foreign suicide bombers

    Sat 3 May / May 2014. 05:23 PM
    Shortly before Abdul Waheed Majeed, a 41-year-old British truck driver, blew himself up in an attack on a Syrian prison, he brushed aside a question in Arabic.
  • »Nine more Muslims killed in sectarian attack in India

    Sat 3 May / May 2014. 05:19 PM
    Security forces in northeast India found the bodies of nine Muslims on Saturday, raising the death toll to 31 in a spate of attacks by suspected tribal militants as a weeks-long general election re-opens ethnic divisions.
  • »Dozens killed in Ukraine riot

    Sat 3 May / May 2014. 05:15 PM
    At least 42 people were killed in street battles between supporters and opponents of Russia in southern Ukraine that ended with dozens of pro-Russian protesters incinerated in a burning building, bringing the country closer to war.
  • »Iraqis vote as violence grips a divided country

    Wed 30 April / Apr 2014. 07:33 PM
    Iraqis voted on Wednesday in their first national election since U.S. forces withdrew in 2011, with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki seeking a third term amid rising violence.
  • »Ukraine's restive east slipping from government's grasp

    Wed 30 April / Apr 2014. 07:31 PM
    Pro-Moscow separatists seized government offices in more Ukrainian towns on Wednesday, in a further sign that authorities in Kiev are losing control of the country's eastern industrial heartland bordering Russia.
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