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  • »Lebanon marks 'devastating' milestone with 1m refugees

    Thu 3 April / Apr 2014. 05:31 PM
    The number of Syrian refugees who have fled to Lebanon officially topped 1 million on Thursday, highlighting the growing humanitarian catastrophe caused by Syria's civil war and the huge burden placed on its poorly prepared neighbors.
  • »U.S. looking for way forward in Mideast peace talks

    Wed 2 April / Apr 2014. 07:39 PM
    Washington is keeping up efforts to put Israel-Palestinian peace negotiations back on track despite "unhelpful steps" taken by both sides in the past day, a senior U.S. official said on Wednesday.
  • »Israeli court convicts ex-PM Olmert in bribery case

    Mon 31 March / Mar 2014. 01:05 PM
    An Israeli court convicted former prime minister Ehud Olmert of bribery on Monday over his ties to a real-estate deal while in his previous post of Jerusalem mayor, likely ending any prospect of a political comeback.
  • »Erdogan seeks Turkish voters' support in fierce power struggle

    Sun 30 March / Mar 2014. 06:48 PM
    Eight people were killed in isolated clashes in Turkey on Sunday during municipal elections that Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan hopes will validate him in his battle against a corruption scandal and a string of damaging security leaks.
  • »Armed militias hold Libya hostage

    Sun 30 March / Mar 2014. 06:42 PM
    When a militia holding Libya's eastern ports loaded a North Korean-flagged tanker with oil earlier this month, the Libyan parliament sacked its own prime minister and turned to U.S. commandos to bring its cargo back.
  • »Egypt crisis: Young detainees allege torture

    Sat 29 March / Mar 2014. 07:28 PM
    Brutal beatings, sexual abuse, and electric shocks are being carried out on detainees, including teenage children, in Egypt, according to testimonies gathered by the BBC.
  • »Egypt army extends power by taking charge of Gulf aid

    Thu 27 March / Mar 2014. 07:38 PM
    Egypt's army is taking charge of billions of dollars of development aid from the United Arab Emirates, an army official said, raising further doubts over the narrow separation of powers with the military backed administration in place since July.
  • »Turkey says Syria security leak 'villainous' as YouTube blocked

    Thu 27 March / Mar 2014. 07:35 PM
    Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan described the leaking on YouTube on Thursday of a recording of top security officials discussing possible military operations in Syria as "villainous" and the government blocked access to the video-sharing site.
  • »Qatar buys helicopters, missiles in $23 bln defence deals

    Thu 27 March / Mar 2014. 07:33 PM
    Qatar announced contracts worth about $23 billion on Thursday to buy attack helicopters, guided missiles, tankers and other weapons from Boeing Co, Airbus and other arms makers as the Gulf state accelerates its military build-up.
  • »Rifts at Arab summit likely to satisfy Iran, Syria

    Wed 26 March / Mar 2014. 08:50 PM
    Arab leaders at odds over supporting Islamists in upheavals across the Middle East have proved in no mood to reconcile at a summit this week, an outcome likely to satisfy Syria and Iran in their rivalry with regional heavyweights Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
  • »Egypt's Sisi to resign as minister

    Wed 26 March / Mar 2014. 08:46 PM
    Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was expected to step down as Egypt's defense minister on Wednesday, paving the way for him to run for president in an election he is expected to win easily.
  • »Oilman urges U.S. crude exports to Europe

    Wed 26 March / Mar 2014. 07:44 PM
    Ending the 40-year ban on U.S. crude exports is the fastest way the American drilling boom could bolster energy security in Europe and Ukraine, the CEO of the biggest operator in North Dakota's vast oil fields told lawmakers on Wednesday.
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