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  • »Israel resumes airstrikes as Gaza ceasefire collapses

    Tue 15 July / Jul 2014. 03:48 PM
    Israel resumed air strikes in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, six hours after agreeing to an Egyptian-proposed truce that failed to halt Hamas rocket attacks.
  • »Bruised Iraqi army leans on Shi'ite militias, volunteers

    Tue 15 July / Jul 2014. 08:04 AM
    The Iraqi soldier says he abandoned the army last week in despair. And while he still plans to fight he will not rejoin the unit he deserted in the western city of Ramadi.
  • »Egypt proposes ceasefire in Gaza

    Tue 15 July / Jul 2014. 07:50 AM
    Egypt has proposed a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza that would start on Tuesday, ending a week of cross-border warfare, and be followed by talks to prevent further hostilities.
  • »Israel says shoots down Gaza drone

    Mon 14 July / Jul 2014. 03:15 PM
    Israel said it shot down a drone from Gaza a week into its offensive on Monday, the first reported deployment of an unmanned aircraft by Palestinian militants whose rocket attacks have been regularly intercepted.
  • »Israel holds off on escalating Gaza barrage

    Mon 14 July / Jul 2014. 08:14 AM
    Israel appeared to hold off on a threatened escalation of its week-old Gaza Strip barrage on Monday despite balking at Western calls for a ceasefire with an equally defiant Hamas.
  • »Thousands of Gaza civilians flee after Israeli threat

    Sun 13 July / Jul 2014. 01:04 PM
    Thousands fled their homes in a Gaza town on Sunday after Israel threatened attacks on "rocket-launching sites", on the sixth day of an offensive that killed at least 160 people, according to Palestinians official count.
  • »Army enters Gaza on day 6 of Israeli offensive

    Sun 13 July / Jul 2014. 08:48 AM
    Israeli navy commandos clashed with Hamas gunmen during a raid on the coast of the Gaza Strip on Sunday, the first such gunfight of a six-day Israeli offensive on the territory aimed at stopping Palestinian rocket fire.
  • »Gaza toll at 127 on day five of Israeli strikes

    Sat 12 July / Jul 2014. 06:26 PM
    Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip killed 22 people Saturday, bringing to 127 the toll on the fifth day of violence, medics said.
  • »Gaza toll surpasses 103, Israeli airport threatened

    Fri 11 July / Jul 2014. 05:51 PM
    A fourth day of Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip killed 11 more Palestinians on Friday, raising the death toll in the coastal enclave to at least 96, most of them civilians, Palestinian officials said.
  • »Israel presses Gaza offensive, kills 50 civilians

    Thu 10 July / Jul 2014. 11:55 AM
    Israeli air strikes killed eight members of a family including five children in a pre-dawn raid on Gaza on Thursday, Palestinian officials said, while Hamas-led fighters launched rockets at Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities.
  • »Israel 'to intensify Gaza attacks'

    Thu 10 July / Jul 2014. 01:16 AM
    Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to "further intensify attacks on Hamas" in the Gaza Strip, following talks with his defence chiefs.
  • »UPDATE: Israel continues to bomb Gaza, kills at least 27

    Wed 9 July / Jul 2014. 01:14 AM
    At least 20 people were killed across Gaza on Tuesday, Palestinian officials said, by a bombardment Israel said may be just the start of a lengthy offensive against Islamist militants whose rockets reached hit unprecedented depths of its interior.
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