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  • »Occupation Settlers Storm Aqsa Mosque in Packs

    Sun 14 January / Jan 2018. 12:00 AM
    RAMALLAH — Some 100 Jewish settlers stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque courtyards on Sunday, according to the Chief of Islamic Endowments Sheikh Azzam Khatib.
    The incursions were staged through the Magharibeh Gate, under the tight protection of the...
  • »Occupation Shuts Gaza's Only Commercial Crossing

    Sun 14 January / Jan 2018. 12:00 AM
    GAZA — Israeli occupation authorities early Sunday announced the closure of the commercial crossing of Karem Abu Salem, southern the Gaza strip, until further notice, according to an Israeli official.
    Yoav Mordechai ,The coordinator of the...
  • »Reports of Chlorine Gas Attack on Rebel-Held Eastern Ghouta: Syria

    Sat 13 January / Jan 2018. 09:35 PM
    CAPITALS — A chlorine gas attack has been carried out on a besieged rebel-held enclave on the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus, reports say.
    People in the Eastern Ghouta region, which is under daily bombardment,...
  • »Myanmar Army Admits to Rohingya Killings

    Wed 10 January / Jan 2018. 12:00 AM
    CAPITALS — Myanmar's army has admitted for the first time its soldiers were involved in the killing of Rohingya Muslims in recent violence in Rakhine state.
    It said an inquiry had found that four members of the security forces were involved...
  • »Iran Drug Law Change Could Spare Thousands on Death Row

    Wed 10 January / Jan 2018. 12:00 AM
    CAPITALS — housands of Iranians who have been sentenced to death for drug crimes could be spared following a softening in the country's law.
    Capital punishment has been abolished for some drug offences, and the head of the judiciary has said...
  • »Palestinians Injured in Clashes with Occupation Troops in Jericho

    Wed 10 January / Jan 2018. 12:00 AM
    RAMALLAH — A number of Palestinian youths were injured Wednesday morning in clashes with Israeli occupation forces in Jericho city in the West Bank.
    A statement by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said that violent clashes erupted...
  • »Occupation Soldiers, Extremists Storm Aqsa Compound

    Wed 10 January / Jan 2018. 12:00 AM
    RAMALLAH — A total of 138 Israeli soldiers and extremists stormed Al-Aqsa compound in occupied Jerusalem Wednesday morning, according to the Director General of the Islamic Awqaf and Al-Aqsa Affairs, Sheikh Azzam Khatib.
    Khatib told...
  • »Occupation Forces Detain 17 Palestinians in West Bank Raids

    Mon 8 January / Jan 2018. 12:00 AM
    RAMALLAH — Israeli occupation forces early Monday detained at least 17 Palestinians during raids launched across the occupied West Bank, a Palestinian source said.
    The Palestinian Prisoners Society said in a statement that Israeli soldiers...
  • »Palestinians, Occupation Forces Clash in Ramallah: 3 Injured

    Mon 8 January / Jan 2018. 12:00 AM
    RAMALLAH — Three Palestinians were injured early Monday, one critically, after violent confrontations erupted with Israeli soldiers, who stormed al-Mazra'a al-Ghrabiyya village close to the West Bank city of Ramallah, a Palestinian source...
  • »Tanker, Ship Collision near Shanghai Leaves 32 Missing

    Sun 7 January / Jan 2018. 12:00 AM
    CAPITALS — Thirty-two people are missing after an oil tanker collided with a cargo ship off China's east coast, near Shanghai.
    The Sanchi tanker, carrying 136,000 tonnes of Iranian oil worth $60m (£44m), caught fire after the crash and...
  • »Russia Thwarts Drone Attack on Hmeimim Airbase

    Sun 7 January / Jan 2018. 12:00 AM
    CAPITALS — Russian forces have foiled a drone attack on an airbase in Syria just days after reports that rebel shelling had damaged several planes, activists say.
    The attempt to bomb the Hmeimim base near the north-western city of Latakia on...
  • »Egyptian Ex-PM ‘Shafiq’ Withdraws from Election

    Sun 7 January / Jan 2018. 12:00 AM
    AMMAN — Former Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq has withdrawn from the running for the country's presidency, saying he is the wrong person for the job.
    Mr Shafiq announced his candidacy in November in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where...
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