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  • »Trump Asked Intelligence Chiefs to Push Back Against FBI Probe

    Tue 23 May / May 2017. 12:00 AM
    WASHINGTON — US President Donald Trump asked two of the nation’s top intelligence officials in March to help him push back against an FBI investigation into possible coordination between his campaign and the Russian government, according...
  • »Manchester Bombing: 22 Dead, Including Child, 59 Hurt, ISIS Claim Attack

    Tue 23 May / May 2017. 12:00 AM
    CAPITALS — Twenty-two people, including an eight-year-old girl, have been killed and 59 injured in a suicide bombing at Manchester Arena, at the end of a concert by US singer Ariana Grande.
    A man set off a homemade bomb in the foyer at 22:33...
  • »Calls for Western Countries to Back Arab Stand Against Iran

    Mon 22 May / May 2017. 12:00 AM
    CAPITALS —AlGhad— The British Times made a call for Western States to back the Arabs in their stand against Iran’s endeavours to sabotage the region, clarifying that even though the majority of the Iranian population does oppose...
  • »N.Korea in New Missile Test, South Says

    Sun 21 May / May 2017. 12:00 AM
    North Korea has conducted another missile test, South Korea's military has said.
    The White House said the medium-range missile had a shorter range than those used in North Korea's last three tests.
    It comes a week after North Korea tested what it...
  • »Trump Urges Muslim Leaders to Lead Fight Against Radicalisation

    Sun 21 May / May 2017. 12:00 AM
    RIYADH — US President Donald Trump has urged Muslim countries to take the lead in combating radicalisation in a major speech in Saudi Arabia.
    "Drive them out of this earth," he told regional leaders in Riyadh, as part of his first official...
  • »Trump Calls for Unity in Fight Against Radicalism in Saudi Arabia Address

    Sat 20 May / May 2017. 12:00 AM
    WASHINGTON — US President Donald Trump will use his first visit to the Middle East to call for unity in the fight against radicalism in the Muslim world, casting the challenge as a "battle between good and evil", according to a draft of the...
  • »Under Siege in Washington, Trump Reaps Saudi Arms Deal, Stronger Ties

    Sat 20 May / May 2017. 12:00 AM
    RIYADH — Under political fire at home, US President Donald Trump sealed a USD110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia on Saturday on his maiden foreign trip as he struggled to shift attention from the aftermath of his firing of the director of...
  • »Saudi King Salman Honours Trump with Medal Upon Arrival in Riyadh to Shore Up Ties

    Sat 20 May / May 2017. 12:00 AM
    RIYADHA — US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania arrived in Riyadh on Saturday on a historic visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where Trump met with the Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz to strengthen security and economic ties....
  • »Occupation Forces Arrest 19 Palestinians

    Thu 18 May / May 2017. 10:59 PM
    RAMALLAH — Israeli occupation forces early Thursday, arrested 19 Palestinians from various West Bank cities, according to a Palestinian source.
    The Palestinian Prisoner Society said in a statement that the occupation forces raided the cities...
  • »ISIS Attack in Hama on Government Forces

    Thu 18 May / May 2017. 12:00 AM
    More than 50 people are reported to have been killed in heavy fighting in Syria after ISIS forces launched an attack in Hama province.
    The militants targeted villages under government control, and clashed with the army and its...
  • »US-Led Coalition 'Strikes Pro-Assad Convoy'

    Thu 18 May / May 2017. 12:00 AM
    US-led coalition aircraft have bombed a convoy of pro-Syrian government forces in a remote area near the border with Jordan, US and rebel officials say.
    Syrian and Iranian-backed militiamen were reportedly moving towards the Tanf base, which is...
  • »Woman Killed, 22 Injured as Car Hits Times Square Crowd

    Thu 18 May / May 2017. 12:00 AM
    A woman is dead and 22 other people injured after a car sped on to a pavement in New York City's Times Square, the fire department says.
    The 26-year-old driver, a US Navy veteran and US citizen, is in custody.
    "There is no indication that this was...
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