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  • »Jordan, Israel in Diplomatic Standoff after Embassy Incident

    Mon 24 July / Jul 2017. 12:00 AM
    CAPITALS — Israel and Jordan are involved in a diplomatic standoff after an Israeli guard reportedly shot dead two Jordanians near the embassy in Amman.
    Jordanian police want to question the guard and have sealed off the area, but Israel says...
  • »Switzerland Chainsaw Attack: Five Hurt in Schaffhausen

    Mon 24 July / Jul 2017. 12:00 AM
    Five people have been injured, two seriously, in an attack by a man armed with a chainsaw in the Swiss town of Schaffhausen, police say.
    Central parts of the town on the German border have been sealed off, as police are searching for the attacker....
  • »Occupation Forces Shell Khan Younis South of Gaza

    Mon 24 July / Jul 2017. 12:00 AM
    GAZA — Israeli occupation forces early Monday fired artillery shells at two monitoring points of the Palestinian resistance south of Khan Younis, in the southern parts of Gaza Strip.
    Palestinian sources confirmed that the occupation troops...
Int'l News Sunday
  • »Syria Army Announces Partial, Temporary Ceasefire in Areas near Damascus

    Sun 23 July / Jul 2017. 12:00 AM
    The Syrian military has declared a halt in fighting in parts of the rebel-held Eastern Ghouta region outside Damascus.
    The move came after Russia, an ally of the government, said it had reached an agreement with "moderate" rebels to de-escalate...
  • »Turkey's Erdogan Calls for Swift End to Gulf Crisis

    Sun 23 July / Jul 2017. 12:00 AM
    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said it is not in anyone's interest to prolong a crisis between Qatar and its neighbours, as he embarked on a two-day visit to the region.
    Mr Erdogan will visit Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and then Qatar as he...
  • »Occupation Installs Cameras at Bab Al-Asbat Gate in Jerusalem

    Sun 23 July / Jul 2017. 12:00 AM
    RAMALLAH — Israeli occupation forces early Sunday set up smart cameras as those used at airports, at the Bab Al-Asbat leading to the Aqsa Mosque complex in occupied Jerusalem.
    Jerusalem Waqf (Islamic endowments) Department, Sheikh Azzam...
  • »Palestinians Injured in Clashes with Occupation Soldiers near Ramallah

    Sun 23 July / Jul 2017. 12:00 AM
    RAMALLAH — Dozens of Palestinian youths early Sunday were injured and suffered suffocation in clashes with Israeli occupation forces in Kobar village, northwest of Ramallah.
    Head of the village's council Muqbel Barghouti said in a statement...
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