By Fahed Khitan

The King’s Interview… Why Ignore Allied Counsel?

His Majesty King Abdullah II was right to make fun of the pompous theorists and strategists of the West, whose strategies and recipes have led to the further, and outrageous deterioration of the Arab region.

Notwithstanding, in Iraq, these “strategists” have denied reason; defied it even, when they carelessly jumped into this catastrophic adventure that has turned the country into a haven for terrorists and a State on verge of complete and utter collapse. The same tragedy in Syria; everybody said the crisis in Syria would endure for 6 months, “I’m saying 6 years” His Majesty said during an Interview on CBSN’s 60 Minutes, and continued to say that the region is up for an extended suffering not only in Iraq and Syria, but all throughout the region as well as the world.

The Monarch’s view on western policies towards our Arab world, which He explained and criticised on end, contradict with the dominating perception that ally countries to the West, like Jordan, are on the same page.

Whilst the friendship between us and the west is true, what is not is to say that Jordan is going along with the US and the west in regards to their policies towards the region.

In 1990, Jordan strongly opposed the US invasion of Iraq, and the CBSN reporter mentioned to His Majesty that His father, Late King Hussein, advised George Bush senior against going into Iraq. Similarly, King Abdullah II had said His word on the Syrian crisis, but no one listened.

These facts are undisputable. And for that reason the King sometimes feels frustrated that “friends” in Washington and western capitals do not pay enough attention to the leaders of the region and its peoples. Still they don’t.

Taking a more comprehensive view on the region, it is obvious that the gap between the west and their Arab regions expands day after day, due to the ranging disparity in approaches to the crises of the Arab World and means to address them.

So, a fundamental question is in order; were we indeed friends and allies, and we are, why does the west ignore our advice?

It isn’t just an issue for Jordan, but the whole region. More so, division amongst ourselves has always been a direct enabler of western incursion on our issues and problems, for them to impose on us their own views and strategies.

During the first Gulf war, His Majesty King Hussein long struggled the derailment of the region beyond the point of no return; He fiercely stood in advocacy of the emplacement of an Arab resolution to Saddam Hussein’s disastrous occupation of Kuwait, but no one listened, and so it was done.

On the Syrian crisis, King Abdullah proposed a political approach to resolve it before it culminated, stood against military resolution and the calls to invade Syria the way Iraq was invaded. His called echoed in vain; none of the two parts of the conflict respond positively, and soon enough; the Syrian crisis turned into a global struggle threatening stability and security all across the Arab and European regions, now with Syria crawling with terrorists and disputing militias.

The King drew this terrifying scenario beforehand to His western friends, long before the catastrophe panned out, but their vision was short-sighted, and His Majesty’s expectations turned out to be correct.

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