Gov't Works Hard to Implement King's Directives, Says Minister

AMMAN — Minister of Interior Salamah Hammad, said his ministry is forging ahead with implementing various strategies and creating a database to enable decision-makers to refer to when needed.

The minister also said during a meeting with governors on Sunday, that the government was enthusiastic about carrying out directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II, among which those related to developing governorates, and addressing challenges facing citizens in all fields to achieve sustainable development through submitting programs, plans and initiatives needed to realize aspirations of citizens.

He also pointed to resolving tribal disputes and activating channels of communications with citizens all the way to make them the "main development circle".

"Achieving the concept of comprehensive security by enforcing law without favoritism or discrimination is a responsibility that falls on the Interior Ministry and its executive branch", said the minister. Hammad also indicated the importance of applying an emergency plan that includes preventive and precautionary actions to be taken to meet the needs of citizens and ensure a smooth public life.


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