By Mohammad Aburumman

The Proud Arab of Quraishi Descent

There is a speciality to the birthday of our late and beloved King Hussein bin Talal, on the 14th of November, born in 1953. Especially central in this transformational interval in the region’s history and that its peoples; a time of deteriorating states and societies, topped by major doubts on the upcoming geo-political reformation of the area.

The value of what King Hussein founded is now —more than ever— crystal clear; what is known now in US and western political dialects as the “Jordanian Miracle”, comprised in the Kingdom’s ability to sustain stability, security, and exceptionally withstand the regional turmoil. And notably, this was not coincidental. Many decades after; through endless challenge, strife, and concrete existential threats this Country has endured and survived through 1950-70s, and after all schemes to bring this “political entity” down failed, our Jordan, which was once assumed frail and weak, now proves strong, persistent, and determined to power through, more than any other Arab state.

Had there not been such a fearless King; a worldly-wise politician, and a leader by all means, the Jordanian Miracle of which they speak would not exist. The slightest doubt in this would have rendered Jordan inexistent in the very first place, so far. And while this may have begun as creative piece of literature per say, or a protocol speech in the anniversary of His Majesty’s birthday, this in fact is in the sheerest sense of it a political article on the factors that have pillared Jordan’s success today, making it through the various stages and historic stations of the Kingdom’s journey, intact, tranquilly, and with such limited economic resources, still receiving more immigrants and refugees than any other Arab state.

Looking at this from a different angle; reconstructing the patriotic and national sentiment, historically, thoroughly, and correctly, would serve the interest of cultivating national pride among our youths, in order to safe guard them from falling into the clutches of despair and frustration, due to unemployment, and the lot of current conditions, which combined turns them into Islamist extremists, like Daesh, or nihilistic unaffected masses. It would serve to charge our youth with positive energy and constructive spirit.

Prince Zaid bin Shaker used to tell his friends that he feared a day will come when the younger generation will be clueless to the sacrifices their ancestors and the older generations gave to protect our country; to attain what was attained, and that they would think it was easy!

Ironically, the disparity lies in the fact that many of the Jordanian intellectuals, who enjoy this stability and security, and are part of the people who contributed seriously to the constitution of this Country’s passage, in hand with their leaders, to arrive at this exceptional place, compared to all other Arab countries, are the very ones who first doubt their Country’s achievements, all things considered; Jordan’s resources, geo-strategic location, economic, and political conditions.

In retrospect, looking into the eras of preceding Kings; the Founding King Abdullah I, King Talal, and then King Hussein, who drove the development and rise of Jordan, a vast segment of Jordanian politicians and intellectuals seem to have adopted a hostile, adverse version of the Country’s history, and our stand, in a more or less masochistic sentiment; almost schizophrenic!

King Hussein was unjustly judged, in terms of historic documentation and scientific, in depth, objective historical analysis and review, in regards to His political approach to leadership. Mostly, we either find hostile books, which comprise the majority of books deliberated among intellectuals, or limited superficial ones. At best, we find narratives, similar to those taught in schools and universities!

Only in Jordan are many ashamed of taking pride in what our Country has achieved, to avoid being accused by others. On the other hand, we praise others; even the dead, like Jamal Abdul Nasser, Saddam, through Erdogan, all the way to Bashar Assad and Hasan Nasrallah!

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