By Jumana Ghunaimat

The Video and the Scandal…

A short, widely circulated video shows several Jordanian officials giving promises upon promises of billions of dollars in investment inbound, to provide job opportunities for citizens; keeping our hopes up for a better future, one disappointment after another.

The video is tragically funny! Some of the featured statements and scenes are almost comic and joke-worthy, and that is simply because none of those billion have come, and just as much, the projects they promised vanished into thin air.

The person who prepared the video is smart, clearly; he worked diligently to put together the numerous and dispersed statements of officials whose promises were not kept, including ministers and premiers; each announcing billions worth of inbound investments. Particularities aside, the value of this video lies in that it condenses, briefly and honestly, our eternal problem; the widening gap between theory and implementation, in general, including the shortcoming of promises. This to be precise is a problem with a multitude of dimensions, reflective negatively on the public mood, of course, and consequentially on public confidence.

In the video of smartly sampled official statements, one was featured talking about investments worth USD20 billion, another announcing USD7 billion worth of investments, so on so forth. The key question here is: how many times did our governments promise but eventually failed to deliver?! How much sweet talk was based on real concrete givens, and much of it was just publicity?!

Personally, I certainly would vouch for our officials; that they do mean well. However, many of them are tempted by the power of the microphone, being in the spotlight, and therefore ramble on giving promises that are unattainable, for the sake of popularity, unaware of the disappointment coming short on delivery generates among their own crowds even.

No government of ours is innocent of it; governments here typically sound high on unrealistic and non-objective promises. The most recent proof is the video itself; had our previous governments kept to their promises, our economic situation would be totally different, and we would have been able to drop the two most dangerous and phenomenal rates; poverty and unemployment.

Despite all that, there remains one sole positive aspect, perhaps, of our officials’ promises, which is that they all are commonly aware of the indispensability of investment. Which is why, as ignorant as some of them are, our officials race to announce possible investments, while unaware of the catastrophic results of not delivering.

Frankly speaking, what society needs is honesty, to begin with, for that to pillar well founded, realistic work that is reflective tangibly on people’s lives, instead of the bunch of suspended constructions for example, like the two towers on the 6th circle! In other words, Jordanians need reasonable, rational announcements that entail attainable, realisable promises, not clichés officials should know they will be held accountable for not upholding, sooner or later.

In my expertise, which exceeds 15 years, I can safely say: had our consecutive governments delivered on their promises, we would have been better off.

The video we are talking about here is a scandal that exposes false and void promises, and the effect of that on the public sentiment. Meanwhile, we hope this video would also remind the current government, and everybody else, of the need for caution and the adoption of a realistic approach to our reality and aspirations.

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