New Ministers Sworn before His Majesty the King

AMMAN — A Royal Decree was issued Sunday approving a reshuffle in the government of Prime Minister Hani Mulqi, and the assignment of four new ministers, who were sworn in today before His Majesty King Abdullah.

In the decree, citing article 35 of the constitution and upon the recommendation of the prime minister, His Majesty King Abdullah ordered the appointment of the following: Mrs Hala Bseiso Lattouf, Minister of Social Development.

Mr Jameel Mujahed, Minister of Transport.

Dr Saleh Kharabsheh, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Mr Muhannad Shehadeh, Minister of State for Investment Affairs/ President of the Investment Commission.

The new ministers were sworn in before the King at a ceremony held at the Husseiniyeh Palace in the attendance of the prime minister and Royal Court Chief, Fayez Tarawneh.


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