By Mohammad Aburumman

Not All Rainbow and Butterflies!

Jordan and the Palestinian Authority (PA) were successful in the endeavour to staple Jerusalem to the UNSCO agendas, despite uninterrupted Israeli pressures against it.

Arab diplomatic sources have described this success as a formidable joint Jordanian-Palestinian diplomatic achievement, having succeeded against all odds.

Ironically, some allegedly claim Jordan stood against the UNSCO issuing another condemnation of Israel’s infringements in Jerusalem, which is absolutely not true.

Jordan and the Arab diplomacy had only two options.

The first is issuing another decision, which will recall previous decisions on Jerusalem’s situation, which eventually may add nothing to the cause.

In fact, the Israelis may succeed in burying another UNSCO decisions through extensive diplomatic and other forms of pressure.

The alternative was reinforcing a previous decision, to serve the viable end of nullifying Israeli authority in Jerusalem and reiterating its state of occupation, to protect the city from deliberate change.

Of course, this plan worked.

Perhaps not many Jordanians and Arabs have heard about the “UNSCO battle”.

Some may have even dismissed it as a trivial or secondary course. Those could’ve not been more wrong about it.

The Israeli Prime Minister and his entire government went head over heels to run the UNSCO decision aground. The Israelis consider a UNSCO resolution on this matter to be a threat to their Judisation schemes for Jerusalem.

So, contrary to the rumours that Jordan is doing Israel a favour, the truth is quite the opposite.

We’re not all rainbows and butterflies, Jordan and Israel.

In fact, we and Israel have been politically and diplomatically at each other’s throats for a while now, and the battle is still ongoing.

At the heart of this battle is the situation in Jerusalem, the city which is facing multiple threat on numerous frontiers, from Judisation schemes to municipality conflicts. There are dozens of issues disrupting any Jordanian-Israeli accords.

Jordan is pushing back hard against Israeli efforts to change facts and realities, and to prevent the Israelis from having their way with the Palestinians, particularly Jerusalemites.

This doesn’t mean that Jordan is never wrong about anything, but compared to other countries, our efforts are monumental.

Still, to many media we are seen as the languid party in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and some would as go as far as to taint us as traitors.

Just days ago, the Syrian diplomat in Amman denying any knowledge of Jordan’s role in the 1973 war.

This is one instance on how we weaken our stances by not communicating them and defending them.

There were even Jordanians who also denied or belittled Jordan’s part in the war!

Our relationship with Israel isn’t well. It is the opposite of well, and at times, it is strained senseless by events and stances that disrupt the diplomatic and political mechanisms. Our relations with Israel are measures to precessions, in accordance to a multitude of indices, from international relations, to law, and politics.

An example on that is the latest Israeli Embassy Crime; the public was infuriated by the decision to allow the killer diplomat to leave Jordan, having shot and killed two Jordanians.

But there is a Jordanian official explanation, related to the international laws and the Vienna treatise, which is non-negotiable.

What many Jordanians and Arabs have missed, despite the racket, is the fact that the Israeli diplomatic mission in Amman did not resume, because Jordan’s rightful demands were not met.

One, there was no official Israeli apology. Two, the defendant should stand open trial. Three, the head of the diplomatic mission must not return with the crew. That is if the demands are met and the mission is allowed to resume.

Jordan has abided by the international laws and the Vienna treaty, meanwhile, wrapping a bundle of political demands around the Embassy Crime’s proceedings.

We seem to have learned from what happened with the Judge Raed Zuaitar, the martyr who was murdered by an Israeli soldier.

Likewise, we have also learnt from how the prime minister himself received the Israeli murder with an embrace, sending a clear, provocative, disrespectful message to Jordan and Jordanians.

This article is an edited translation of the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.

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