Procedures of Non-Criminal Record Certificate Prevents Ex-Con Social Reintegration

AMMAN —AlGhad— During a workshop on the social reintegration of ex-convicts, held last Tuesday by the USAID, the prisoners Aftercare Centre (Edmaj), and Arab Centre for Consulting, speakers confirmed that the procedures for the issuance of the Non-Criminal Record Certificate has been an obstacle for released convicts seeking to rectify their lives.

Meanwhile, their inability to find jobs, among other related social issues, causes many of them return to crime, either to make a living or for other reasons related to social expulsion.

On average, only 21 per cent only of the inmates undergo rehabilitation while in prison.

However, inmates cost the state some JOD780 each, on a monthly basis.

In conclusion, participants recommended that the Record Certificate be substituted by a “Prisoner Rehabilitation Certificate” or a certificate of conduct, to make reintegration easier.

Notwithstanding, the recommendations included voluntary and social service as a prerequisite for the respective certificate.

Also, specialists called for the annulment of the house arrest procedure, and substituting it with the electronic bracelet, given the increased crime rates caused by the deprivations of house arrest.

Moreover, participants have explained that it would be beneficial to fund business ventures and projects for the convicts and their families, to give them a shot at a better life.

In this regard, the speakers did not leave out oversight mechanisms to oversee the progress of released and on-parole convicts.

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