Jordanian Households to Receive JOD149.7 Annually in Direct Bread Subsidies

AMMAN —AlGhad— As the government is looking into suspending bread subsidies and raise sales taxes on manufactured foodstuff, substitute direct cash subsidies for Jordanian households are estimated at an average of JOD149.7 annually, if the recommendations pass parliament.

Direct monthly cash subsidies for individuals are suggested at JOD2.6, whereas Jordanian households include on average 4.8 individuals.

Annually, individuals receive JOD31 according to the terms of the cash subsidies.

The government is supposed to allocate between JOD120 million and JOD160 million in the 2018 Budget Bill.

Meanwhile, between 60 and 70 per cent of Jordanians are estimated to be eligible to receive the cash subsidies, according to the government.

The remaining two to three million Jordanians will not receive support, apparently.

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