Tax Dep’t Building Evacuated on False Bomb Threat, GID Announces Foiled Massive Terrorist Scheme

 AMMAN —AlGhad— Police and emergency response units evacuated the Tax Department building in Jabal Amman earlier today, Monday, after a call came in, claiming there was a bomb hidden somewhere on the first floor.

 Police later confirmed that the bomb threat was false, and that there are no explosives found anywhere in the building.

 Earlier, the General Intelligence Department (GID) announced the arrest of a terrorist cell of 17 plotters, involved in a foiled terrorist scheme, backed by ISIS. According to the Department’s statement, the cell plotted to target a number of high value civilian and government targets across the Kingdom.

 Whether the Tax building bomb threat is related to the detained cell’s foiled terrorist schemes remains unclear.

 However, intelligence operations have been ongoing for months, leading to the apprehension of the plotters, a GID statement explains.

 The cell’s schemes were set for execution by November 2017. After intensive follow-up operations and pre-emptive efforts, their plans were foiled before they were actually carried out, according to the GID.

 Apparently, the said cell arranged to carry out a trove of terrorist operations synchronously aimed to tamper with national security and ignite havoc and intimation among citizens.

 The early intelligence follow-up endeavours led to the apprehension of 17 plotters involved in this heinous operation and seized rifles and other materials prepared to be used in the hideous plan.

 Sources with the GID told AlGhad that the cell funded a variety of schemes, including the purchase of firearms and basic explosive components, obtained for the purpose of making highly volatile homemade explosives.

 All of the equipment to be used in the scheme were reportedly confiscated by the GID upon the apprehension of the detainees.

 The cell’s 17 plotters were all referred to the Court of State Security’s Attorney General’s office for further investigation.



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