Pentagon: 'We Successfully Hit All Targets in Syria'

WASHINGTON — The US-led allies have carried out "a proportional, precision and coordinated" military strike against the Syrian regime, successfully hitting all three chemical weapons sites, the Pentagon said Saturday.

However, spokeswoman Dana White told a press conference that the US is not seeking a conflict in Syria, but it cannot allow "such gross violations of international law", referring to an alleged deadly chemical attack by Syrian forces in Douma, outside Damascus, last week.

"We've attacked the heart of the Syrians' chemical weapons programme. I think we dealt them a severe blow", Director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie told the press.

He said 105 missiles were launched by air and sea, targeting a research and development centre, a chemical weapons storage site and a bunker facility, adding that he had no reports of civilian casualties in the overnight allied assault.

The Pentagon official said the joint missile strike was met with no resistance.


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