Economic Conference to Launch in Amman Saturday

AMMAN — Jordanian and foreign experts and specialists will meet next Saturday in Amman to put future visions to stimulate the Jordanian economy, limit the challenges it faces and communicate with decision-makers to benefit from the outcome of their meetings and the decisions they make.

The experts will present their studies and the outcome of their researches during the Fourth International Economic Conference that is organized by the Jordanian Society for Scientific Research and the University of Petra.

A statement by the society and the university said the researches and working papers that will be presented during the conference will focus on the Jordanian economy and the exchange of views to achieve an effective partnership between the academic sector and the public and private sectors.

The working papers and researches will focus on financial and monetary stability, the Jordanian banking system, financial and monetary policy in Jordan, stimulating the Jordanian economy, investments in Jordan among others.


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