Authorities Bust Dozens of Drug Dealers, Traffickers

AMMAN —AlGhad— Sources with the Anti-Narcotics Department (AND) stated that more than two dozen drug dealers and traffickers have been apprehended over the past few days, caught in possession of drugs and firearms.

The latest arrest was made at dawn today, Wednesday, as police pursued three suspects and arrested them after a violent shootout, in south Amman.

In their possession, police found quantities of drugs and the gun they used to resist the authorities. Two of them are Jordanian, and one is a foreigner whose nationality was not disclosed.

In other parts of the Kingdom, more than 22 people were arrested with narcotics on their person, prepped for sale and trafficking.

Authorities arrested six of them in Amman, two in Irbid, four in Salt, and 11 in various other governorates.

Also found in their possession were counterfeit paper for money forgery, in addition to the narcotics, the sources confirmed.

Police also suspect a fraud was in progress upon the apprehension two Arab foreigners, in whose possession authorities found stacks of paper rolled in US Dollars.

A full-scale investigation was launched into the incidents and all 16 cases.

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