Refugee Crisis Response Plan Funding at 7.2% in 2018

AMMAN —AlGhad— So far into 2018, the International Community has funded no more than 7.2 per cent of Jordan’s overall funding requirements for the Syrian refugee crisis response plan, under the Jordan Response Platform for the Syria Crisis(JRP-SC).

Jordan’s annual funding requirements for the response plan ranges from USD2.4 billion, as initially estimated by the JRP, to USD2.657 billion, as actually documented in 2016.

At best, the international community funded no more than 62 per cent of the requirements in 2016, and 36 per cent of the USD3 billion needed in 2015, when the JRP first launched.

Notably, Jordan hosts 1.3 million Syrians, of whom 655 thousand are registered as refugees with the United Nations.

In total, the international community has pledged USD7.8 billion in grants to Syrian refugee host countries for the years 2019-2020, during the Brussels conferences One and Two.

More so, donors have announced the facilitation of USD21.2 billion in soft loans to host countries. Not to mentions billions promised to schools and infrastructural projects in these countries.

Despite repeated warnings of the implications of the international community’s failure to deliver, funding remains at a disappointing low.

The total cost of the Syrian refugee crisis in the years 2011-2015 were estimated at USD6.6 billion, notwithstanding USD7.3 billion for the years 2018-2020.

In the past couple of years, 98 new schools were built to accommodate the 50 thousand Syrian refugee children who were integrated into the education system.

Jordan has made use of numerous programmes, but most of them not directed into the refugee response plan.

Total assistance facilitated to Jordan in 2017 stood at USD3.65 billion, including USD840.4 billion in regular grants and USD1.088 billion in soft loans.

Only the USD1.719 billion was granted to fund the response programme in 2017.

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