Experts: Netanyahu’s Statements Are Inaccurate..No Excuse to Signing the Israeli Gas Treaty

Netanyahu’s statements that Jordan has declined to sign the Israeli gas treatment with “Noble Energy” is inaccurate according to experts who explain that importing gas through the American company with Israeli-Gas privilege is no longer Jordan’s only option.

Recently, The Israeli Prime Minister had implied that because of internal Israeli complications in regards to granting “Noble Energy” exclusive gas privileges over multiple gas fields within Israeli maritime territories in the Mediterranean, “Jordan has gone back on their decision to procure gas” from Israel.

Former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Mohammad Al Bataineh says that “clear justifications as to why Jordan would consider getting bound in a long term agreement on such a vital matter such as energy with Israel do not exist”. Moreover, “the implications of getting involved with the enemy in such a fateful treaty compared to the fairly acceptable costs of using oil as an alternative to natural gas to generate electricity supports the second option. Especially since Israel plans to make immense profits from the gas they intend to sell us at their offered pricings.”

Alternatively, “the Kingdom is expected to start benefiting soon from the Estonians’ oil shale extraction project in Jordan, which will decrease the total costs of generating electricity” Al Bataineh explained.

Another source, who preferred to remain anonymous, said that “no decision has been made yet regarding the gas agreement with Israel, and options still stand”; also inferring the inaccuracy of Netanyahu’s statement.

The same source also mentioned that technical meetings take place between involved parties of the treaty from time to time, and that they are imperative to covering all aspects of the matter at hand.

Moreover, Malek Kabariti —former Minister of Energy and Mineral resources, explains that “Jordan has to retain its energy mix at suitable costs without relying on any one provider to supply the Country’s energy sources, and learn from its past experiences in this regard”.

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