King Concludes New York Visit

NEW YORK — His Majesty King Abdullah II returned home on Friday, following a working visit to New York, where he led the Jordanian delegation to the annual meetings of the UN General Assembly.

At the UN, the King delivered a speech in which he said "as we gather here today, there are forces at play, in my region and beyond, whose sole purpose is to stack the odds against the core values that bind our common humanity. I, of course, refer to the network of extremist terrorists who have dominated headlines lately and seek global dominance as well. They want to wipe out our achievements and those of our ancestors; to erase human civilisation, and drag us back to the dark ages." He also said that false perceptions of Islam and of Muslims will fuel the terrorists’ agenda of a global struggle, by polarising and factionalising societies, East and West – each side stigmatising the other; each driven deeper into mistrust and intolerance.

"Perhaps the central and most vital battleground for this defining war of our generation is the mind. The despicable, damaging ideology of hate, murder and self-destruction, spread in crash courses online and elsewhere, must be confronted with a counter-narrative of hope, tolerance and peace," the King told international leaders and delegations.

On the side-lines of the UN meeting, His Majesty the King Abdullah called on wealthier nations to translate pledges reached at the London Conference to support Syrian refugees and host communities into solid results.

In his speech to a high-level Summit for Refugees and Migrants, King Abdullah renewed calls to raise the level of global engagement to help millions of refugees without delay. His Majesty stressed that Jordan has done much and remains committed to doing the right thing for refugees.

The summit, which is held under the auspice of the United States, Jordan, Mexico, Canada, Sweden, Germany and Ethiopia, seeks to bring countries together behind a more humane and coordinated approach towards refugees.

While in New York, King Abdullah held a series of meetings with heads of states and governments taking part in the UN General Assembly meeting.

King Abdullah also attended a session dedicated to support Jordan and Lebanon to deal with the refugee crisis. The session was held under the auspice of Clinton Global Initiative with the participation of global leaders and international organizations.

The Jordanian delegation to the General Assembly comprised Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and Expatriate Affairs Nasser Judeh, Director of King's Office, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Jordan's permanent Representative to the UN and Jordanian Ambassador to the US.


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