Poverty Drives Up Child Labour in Jordan to 79,000 Children, Many in Hazardous Fields

AMMAN —AlGhad— As poverty rates hike in Jordan, child labour has been on the rise, according to the figures by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), to over 79 thousand labouring children, compared to 44 thousand in 2007.

Experts on child labour and policy call for the government to revisit economic policies, which have enforced social gaps and instigated poverty.

On the other hand, experts have also made the claim that the International Community have been falling short in their responsibility towards Syrian refugees, and need to step in to prevent them from pushing their children as well into the labour market.

ILO conducted a census, recently, on the labour of children between the ages 5-7, and found that many of them work in hazardous fields to help provide for their families.

The ILO report indicates that no less than 18.6 per cent of Jordanians have gone through “Passing Poverty”, which entails being poor or at least 3 months of the year.

More so, nearly 20 per cent of the Kingdom’s population have fallen into poverty, according to official figures in 2014, up from 13.3 per cent in 2008.

Syrian child labour comprises around 14.6 per cent of the overall child labouring power, caused mainly by the shortcoming services provided to both local communities and the refugees.

Notwithstanding, various social protection rules must be enacted, Tadamon said, to preserve income, adding also that International organisations need to pay their dues to the Syrian refugee community.

Tadamon, a local women’s society, stated that combatting child labour requires serious practical procedures, to alleviate the pressures of the worsening economy.

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